Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love Surprises!!!

Heading home from work this evening, in the rain, searching for my mailbox key and thinking that it would be really nice to find something fun in my mailbox...instead of the usual bills & junk mail. Opened the box, and there was the key for the parcel box...hmmm...opened that box & inside was a surprise from one of my favorite blogging buddies, Shara @ Monkeybox. It seems that Shara hosted an egg swap at Easter, and there were some goodies left over, so she decided to send me a box of sweet Easter fabulosity! {I love that word, even if it does get underlined every time I use it!} This box was filled to the brim with some of the prettiest Easter eggs & tags & other cool stuff, all made with love by some of my other favorite bloggers! In her card Shara says "I'm told that eggs symbolize a new stage in life and new beginnings. I hope this brings you a smile if only for a second." A second?? I opened this box 2 hours ago and I'm still smiling. Thank you so much to Shara...and to all the other bloggers who added a smile to my day... Laurie, Sarah, Heidi, Jane & Wendy, Rebecca, Courtney, Sumee, Lisa, Gail & Debra...Some of you are already on my Morning Coffee Blog reading list, but those who are not on there will be soon. Thank you all for making my day...can hardly wait till next spring. You know now I'll have to put up a little Easter tree...check out all these goodies!! I love them all! Have a great week. *elaine* ps just realized this is my 1st blog post in over a month...didn't feel I had much to say so I've just been reading...Thanks Shara, for the extra little push I needed. *e*