Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How HOT is it???

...'tis hot enough that a bolt of lightning comes from an almost clear blue sky...finds my spaghetti strand of ethernet cable that enters my modem...and goes straight into my computer & causes huge amounts of damage!! 2 1/2 weeks and 2 1/2 hundred $'s later, I have my pc back and she is so sleek, shiny and fast that I now call her my Bionic 'puter and my computer guy that fixed her is my "minor miracle worker"!! Loooong run on sentence, I know but I have been offline for soooo long I seem to have forgotten how to end a sentence! Anyway, the month of July somehow got past me and I'm not really sad to see it go. How hot is it??? Hot enough to dry the paint on my brush between the can & the house wall. Hot enough that the thermometer in my {black} Blazer read 116 degrees last Thursday. Hot enough that I leave the fan on for my cats, and when I come home, it looks like I have 3 cat skin rugs on my porch floor. Hot enough that the bolt of lightning really came from an almost clear blue sky and struck several yards from a tree that was struck 15 years ago, and is somehow still standing. Hot enough that the local Baptist church has a sign that declares "It's not hot as Hell yet"...I beg to differ...Okay, so enough of the "how hot is it", because I know I am not alone in this and most of the country is melting. HELLO...can we say global warming? What's that? Global warming is just a political buzzword to try to win an election?....wait. It's much to early to talk politics...I hear you. But we had snow in Florida in January & now our heat index is literally through the roof ....and I swear the sun looks closer this summer than I can ever remember. So this is a picture-less post because my camera is full of pictures of cool junk, pretty flower & sunrises and lots of other neat-o stuff....but I don't have time to get them out of there this morning...and deal with Picassa and other techie issues. Been so busy that I missed my 3rd Blog*A*Versary...which will be remedied ASAP...i just need to decide what I shall give away to my faithful readers...wait...I still have those, don't I? HEELLLLOOOO...followers? Where are you??? I've been trying to catch up on all you have been up to, but had to spend 2 computer nights deleting 340 unread e-mails...can you say "unsubscribe me, please?"...It's hard to catch up on a couple weeks, but I shall do my best. In the meantime, I'll be back soon with some great junk...while I try to figure out what needs to leave my house for my 3rd! Can't believe how much I have missed this thing we call blogging...stay as cool as you can, watch out for those bolts from the blue, and I will be back very soon. Happy Tuesday *elaine*