Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Faucet Handles...what will they be??

Test fitting the handles...need a few more chunky brass plumber-looking the Ace Hardware before I head to work.
Pegs inserted into the old cedar by Steve. We reused some old oak chair rungs, and he used a drillpress to sink the rungs...even predrilled the screw holes for me! What a friend!
Old "Pickwick" cedar novelty siding, or paneling, found in an abandoned shed, just before the demo crew arrived! Love the silver gray color and the chippy blue and peachy pink paint left-overs!

I don't usually do a post midweek, but I picked up part of my faucet handle project from my friend Steve, and I am so thrilled with what he did, I cannot wait till my weekend off to finish it up!! You all remember the red rusty crusty handles from a couple posts back...I saw a pic in a well known gardening publication, and thought...Ooo...I can do that!! So, I'll freely admit this is not my original idea. In scrapbooking, we call the using of someone's layout "scraplifting", and it's encouraged by maybe we can call this "junklifting"...or doesn't have quite the same ring, does it? Oh, well,have to work on that. In the meantime, here are some pics of the pieces that I'll be assembling on Saturday...and then of course, will have to figure out the perfect spot to hang it...and then...I'll show ya'll on Sunday. till then *elaine* PS. The pictures are actually in reverse order...guess I need to remember that when uploading. Gonna leave it as, though, cause Blogger's acting real tempermental this morning!! Technology...when it's working right, it's amazing! When something's not right, there is nothing SO aggravating!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Old you have one??

Is this her???

All this stuff, & I went out and bought more!!
You tell 'em, Maxine!!

I've spoken to several women recently, and we're discovering that there is an old woman who is slowly moving into our homes. Maybe you've seen her....she's the one who hides the Christmas cards that you bought for 75% off at last year's after Christmas sale. She's the one who makes you forget what you went into the kitchen or upstairs for. When she's really misbehaving, she'll try to make you forget why you went into the darn bathroom!! She'll hide your glasses, your car keys & anything else that you're going to need when you head out the door in the morning...and she'll never even apologize for hiding those things in the freezer! Case in point...last year I went to Dallas, and while packing, started to look for the small sample size toothpaste, deoderant etc. that I KNEW I had! I looked every where...finally gave up, and went to CVS to buy more. Fast forward to this morning...I'm vacuuming & dusting the bedroom...go to move a large lidded 3 gallon crock , and am thinking it's a little heavy. Pop off the lid, and yup! you guessed it, there are all my sample size things including all the cool little Burt's Bees stuff, and even the clear bag I bought when the airport security was beefed up years ago. I KNOW I didn't put this stuff in that crock... so it has got to be that old woman!! Steph & I had a good laugh about this today, and decided that we need to make a list of where we put what, and then each give our list to the other . That way if the list gets lost, we have another old woman to blame it on!! LOL Happy Sunday *elaine*

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thrift Shop "Treasures"

Cool red faucet handles for a new project!
Textiles for my bag on- going project that I can't share just yet....

Wood for a sign for a friend and one for a Father Christmas base. The gerbil feeder will be repurposed for a hummingbird feeder using a vintage bottle....

My biggest stencil set yet...5" tall from the late 50's and never used! It takes so little to make me smile!!!

This was the basket of stuff...junk...from the one thrift...$3 and change, including the basket...the faucet handles came from Habitat...different stop...for .25 each....

Hit my favorite thrift shop on Monday morning, and was not at all dissapointed! Our local yard sales have still been kind of sad, and I'm wondering if people just aren't understanding the kind of junk I look for...which is fine with me...means I find even more goodies in the sale leftovers at the thrifts on Monday, or gasp...even in the curbside piles I've been checkin' out...don't tell my husband, okay? It's in my blood, dang it!! My mother & I, when we lived in Massachussetts 40 some odd years ago, used to go out on "patrol" in her black 'n white Chevy station wagon, looking for chairs that she could re-cane the seats of, or other wood pieces she could refinish . How I loved those evenings when she'd say, "Get your coat and your boots on...we're goin' for a ride!!" Thanks for the sweet memories, Mom...and for the junkin' pack-rat gene as well! Any way....did I get off on a tangent, or what?? So here are the goodies from the one thrift, plus and this time I'm going to try to get captions under the photos for clarification...if I can! Have a great weekend! *elaine*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WooHoo!! My very first blogging award!

KudzuKween of Bits 'n Pieces has given me the Lemonade Award first award, ever!! Thanks, Girl! I'm told this award is given for bloggers with attitude & gratitude...How cool is that?? I'm supposed to pass the award on to 1, or 10 or 100 people...think I'll start with 1...drumroll please...Margo of Robolady fame. Hers was the first blog I ever posted a comment on...or sent a picture to, and she really opened my eyes to cool stuff on the computer I was not aware of. So thanks again Kudzu, and Margo, here's a Lemonade Award just for you! *elaine*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday Morning

Good Morning! I've blogged with several very special women this morning, and some of them are feelin' pretty bad. So, I'd like to send prayers & get well wishes to Deena, @ Pretty in Pink, and Margo, who of course, we all know and love as Robolady. And to anyone else in my rather limited blogging sphere who isn't feeling great today...feel better soon!! Winter won't last forever, the sun WILL come out and we can all warm up and loose the SADD faces. That's one of the reasons I live in Fl...where we literally melt 7 months out of 12...I must have my sunshine!! *elaine*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Renninger's part 3...Ki & Me & Stephanie

Okay...I'm sure you've all been waiting for my final installment on the EXTRAVAGANZA. A couple weeks ago, I found out that Ki Nassauer of Junk Camp & Junk Revolution, and formerly Junk Market style and Country Home Junk maven was coming to Florida. I've loved her stuff since I saw the premier issue of Junk Market Style in 2006. So, I commented on her blog, cause I live just 30 minutes from Renninger's where Ki planned to be on Friday. Long story short, if I can, we planned to meet there and after a few calls back and forth my friend Steph & I tracked down Ki at one of those cute little trailers where they sell HOT coffee & bacon 'n egg sandwiches. Most definitely our high point of the day!! Ki has got to be one of the most down to earth, real women I've met in a long time. After Hello, and a hug, you feel like a friend. We spent close to an hour talking, taking pictures and feeling like I had my own private meet 'n greet. So...the last couple of pictures are self explanatory, and the pie birdie and the rusty star were my only 2 purchases of the day. Renninger's has so much awesome stuff, great dealers and a wonderful site for a market like this...but a lot of the antiques and even collectibles were a bit out of my price range for the day. That's okay...we had a blast, and maybe, just maybe, on an upcoming junk quest I'll run into that familiar smile again...after all, we're in Florida, where the yard sales go on all year and the flea markets are abundant, even in January!! I'm blogged out! Gonna upload some photos, and go pull some weeds...they're abundant too...even in January! *elaine*

Renninger's part 2

Okay, had the second cup of coffee and a quick visit from Steph & her hubby. He wanted to see the pictures, so quick time out for that! Next set of pics is just some of the neat things and people we ran into. I'm saving the best person for that'll be part 3 of the Renninger's thing...after lunch perhaps? This has got to be some kind of record for me...I don't recall 3 posts in a week, let alone 3 in one day! *elaine*

Renninger's in Mt Dora Florida

Went to Renninger's on Friday...had a whole other post written about it, but somehow hit the wrong button...again...argh!...why do I do that??!!!?? Anyway, lost the whole post to somewhere! So, I'm going with my original plan of letting my pictures do the talking...let's see how that works out. *elaine* okay...don't really love the layout on this & blogger will only let me upload 5 pics at a time, so I'll do another after my second cup of coffee!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cool finds of the New Year

Yard sales have been woefully sad this new year, but the thrifts seem to be picking up! Hit one of my favorites Monday AM, & was rewarded for my early arrival. I know Christmas is over, but no one told this sweet little family of Japanese they do snowmen in Japan? The Papa is the biggest @ a mere 2" tall, and he came with his wife & son & daughter...for .50! I grabbed a shopping basket, something I seldom do @ this TS, but I was afraid I'd drop one of these little guys on the floor. Glad I did. At the end of 15 minutes, had a whole basket of goodies, and a 3.00 and change total at the register. Needed a new pastry cloth...still make my own pie crust...and this one even came with a rolling pin cover. The "paper" apron cracked me up, especially when you read where it was made! Typo, or is there a place called Chian that I've not heard of?? Was this made to be worn over the short-lived paper dresses of the 60's?? The rusty keys, sadly no skeletons, and the teeny little pony shoe will be used in an upcoming craft. Since I stopped smoking...13 days ago...TaaDaah...I seem to have tons more energy and my brain seems to be coming back on-line, creatively. Now, if I just stop sleeping , maybe I'd have more time to create all this things swirling in my brain!! Scratch that..I get too damn cranky with too little sleep. I've saved $40 by not smoking for 13 days, so I'm treating myself, & best friend Steph, to Renninger's Antique EXTRAVAGANZA this Friday! I've not been there in forever, and it's supposed to be really cold {20's...BBRRRBbRRr!} on Friday, but we're both from Massachussetts and we're really excited about it! I know I still have a pair of gloves here somewhere, and 1 remaining winter coat ...1400 dealers are calling!!! Can hardly wait!! There also may be a little surprise there on Friday, but that's all I'm saying for now. Don't want to jinx luck has not really been the greatest lately...bring on the JUNK!! See ya'll soon! *elaine*

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello... 2009!!!

So, last year I kept saying's gonna be great! This year, I am trying very hard not to do any obvious rhymes for 2009...2008 started out great & ended up being a pretty terrible, horrible no-good year for so many people & their families. My heart goes out to the folks who have lost jobs & homes & hope...also my prayers & my belief that things can & will get better. I ended off my old year by beginning my third attempt to quit smoking, in as many years. I'm not a stupid individual by any means, and I know how bad it is, but I also know how hard it is to stop. So, any of you who may read this, and have any good advice for making it stick this time, post it here! It's been 4 days of semi cold- turkey, and I'm feelin' okay....but then again the sky hasn't fallen yet, this week, which seems to happen quite often in my sometimes dysFUNctional family!! I'm saying semi cold-turkey because I'm only using the patch during work hours. I work in a very small, very busy sorority/fraternity shop, and my boss really frowns on my dragging customers into the back room or using my sometimes sarcastic, non-nicotined sense of humor on customers that may piss me off!!! I can't imagine why, but I guess I'll have to follow her rules... I've worked for the same great lady for 17 years, so I really don't want to piss her off!!! And she just happens to be one of those people you love to hate...she quit 10 years patch, no bitchin' & has never looked back! I am in awe!!! Okay...enough of the smokin' stuff. I'm ending this post with some favorite Christmas stuff that got put away today, and for some reason, I felt like I would really miss them until next here are a couple of my faves...until next week, or the sky falls...Happy New Year!!! Bring on 2009....I think I'm ready!!! *elaine* PS The Father Christmas was made by moi...12 years ago. I made them for 5 or 6 years and sold all but this guy. He was still sitting in the shop on Christmas eve, and I brought him glad I did as that was the last year of production! The tiny little nativity was found, for .25, @ a yard sale the day before Christmas...who has a yard sale the DAY before Christmas!!??? Even worse, who GOES to a yard sale on their way home from work on Christmas eve??!!! I do..I do, apparently! The nativity is the size if a deck of cards, made in Japan, and the tiny figures are so sweetly painted...I just love it! I had to re-moss the roof, and also added the star...the extent of my "crafting" for December 08...told ya it's been a rough year!! :o}