Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bittersweet Father's Day

So, this is the 1st Father's Day without Joe {have had 3 holidays without my husband and some of the most difficult yet to come} and I went to bed Saturday night feeling down. My oldest son Chris said he was feeling bad," cause he has no Dad". Youngest son Jason is unavailable, my father has been gone for almost 3 years, and I was getting myself into a real pity party. As I lay there trying to fall asleep, I decided to make Sunday Joe's day anyway. We have out favorite beach and when asked "So what do you want to do today?" Joe's answer would usually be "Go to the beach". Headed out at 6am, watching the sun rise along the way...what a picture perfect morning. Arrived at "our" spot at 7:15 and was walking on the almost deserted beach by 7:20. I don't know why I feel closer to the spirit of my husband while walking on the beach, but I just know that I do. Walked a ways, picking up shells & stones & only an occasional piece of beach glass. Wrote a note to Joe in the sand, walked a little more with my tears for company, and then I saw a single, solitary pelican out over the ocean. Joe was a nature guy from the day we met, and pelicans were always his favorite bird, next to eagles. Usually the brown pelicans travel in groups of 5...sometimes as many as 15...in a long line stretched out over the ocean. This guy was all by himself...just cruisin' along...not in a hurry to get anywhere...just like my Joe. Dried my tears and kept walking and feeling a tiny bit better. Walked close to 2 miles and by then I was starving, so headed into the teeny town for breakfast. Unfortunately, every one else in town got hungry at the same time...lines out the door...so I headed to our "favorite convenience store" for a Starbucks & a breakfast bar. Stopped at the local Home Depot on my way out of town, and bought a huge pot of Brown-eyed Susans which will be planted in Joe's favorite garden spot in our yard. So a day that started off pretty badly the night before, turned into a day of fond memories, and a further understanding of this path that I have been set upon. I did not chose this path, and given the chance I would step off in a heartbeat. I cannot step off...my job here is far from done. Have a wonderful week...hug your husbands, and never let your loved ones doubt how important & loved they are. *elaine* P.S. The MickeyD's billboard was spotted on my way to the beach...had to pull over and get a shot of that! {My Joe was only Joseph when he was in big trouble!!} P.S.S. My destination {previous post} 2 weeks ago was Virginia Beach..Paula guessed correctly. No prize, but thanks for reading my wanderings anyway! *e*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Back!!...

Although you didn't know I was gone! Decided telling the blogging world at large that I would not be home for 5 days was like good advertising gone bad :O}! Every year my boss, Carol and I go on a buying spree at a Fraternity/Sorority show called The Spirit Show. Each year it's held in a different city, and we usually try to go at least a day ahead so we can play tourist and have some fun. This year we had 5 glorious sun filled days in....no...you guess where I was. :O} We had a ball, ate way too much, walked on the beach, ordered like there is no recession {is that over yet?} and just had too much fun...nah...no such thing! As much as I enjoyed the trip, it's always good to come home...although on Sunday morning I was whining about having to go to the airport....I did not want to leave the ocean! Told my boss I'm going to be a beach bum when I grow up...she just smiled and said "I'm not going to support you"... darn...another dream shot full'o holes! Hope you all have a great week...staying cool? We had a heat index of 107 yesterday!!! And it's only the middle of June...bye bye low electric bill :O{ *elaine* So.....where was I? Any guesses?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I won another giveaway!!!

Okay...so I think the storm clouds have passed and I can finally go online and show you my prize. Last week sometime, Deb a.k.a. Garage Sale Gal had a giveaway for her 300th...um, follower?...post? Damn CRS syndrom... I can't remember, but it was her 300th something! Anyway...Deb picked not 1, but 2 names, and MissElaineous me was one of them! So, I came home from work last night, in a not so good, very bad, terrible, horrible mood...with storm clouds & lightning chasing me all the way and didn't even stop at the mailbox. Got home and realized the rain had gone elsewhere, so I took a quick walk...still in a not great mood. Popped the box open, and these rays of sunshine just seemed to beam at me from the dim interior of the mailbox...a sunny yellow priority box just for moi...already my mood was improving.....I hurried home to open the package...and I've got to tell you...My bad mood evaporated like rain on the hot summer sidewalk!! This little box was filled to the brim with some of the sweetest little things ever! And, boy,was it filled...Deb sure knows how to pack a box of goodies. Sweet little card, sweet note and I just love the polka dot tissue...I seem to have developed a fondness for polka dots recently. :O} ...and under the tissue were bingo cards, and note cards, napkins, a gorgeous towel with huck weaving, tiny little parasols, buttons and other goodies galore! There's even a teeny little bag of glitter dusted shells. One of the last things in the box was the sweet little bluebird pair all snuggled up, beak to beak, wrapped in a pretty hankie. I had one very similar to this and sadly dropped it while dusting a couple months ago...it did not survive. This little pair now has a new home on a shelf with very special things on it, that I see every day. Thank you, Garage Sale Gal, for the thoughtful, happy package. I'm not in a bad mood any more! Have a great week, all. *elaine*