Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mossy Monday on a Thursday Night...

Or...A rolling cat gathers no moss. This is my last "Mossy" post for this year. Autumn is approaching, and the moss is fading, soon to be replaced with other sights that make this part of Florida a pretty neat place to be in the fall. I thought I'd take the time to introduce you to my 3 feline rescue kittys that share my mossy garden with me. This is Snowball, our newest addition. The name fits, although she is a "Firepoint" with lots of soft orange markings. She was also a feral baby, born in the woods, and for the first few tentative approaches, we thought she had a snowball's chance of survival. She has now been with us for 5 months, has been spayed...quick! before she multiplies!...and has decided that she {almost} likes me.
This is Queen, momma of Snowball, abandoned and twice pregnant before the age of 1. She has the most beautiful blue eyes,which she passed on to her kitten, set into an Asian face that may never be called beautiful. Also spayed now...double quick!!...she has decided that Joe & Elaine's is not such a bad place to live. She has many additions to her Queen title...Queenie Beanie on good days, and when she's feeling grumpy , the Queen Bi*#*. She can be very mean to both her daughter, and her "kitty daddy"....

FattButt. This is Snowball's daddy, and was actually the first abandoned guy to claim squatter's rights at our house. He brought a brother with him, who moved on quickly, but FattButt has remained, and he is almost my favorite. He is now neutered, and has a tatoo on his left ear to mark that fact. My cat has a tat! The mossy yard is his domain, as well as the roof of my black Blazer, which sheds white and orange fur as I drive down my driveway! He is the most affectionate of the 3, and I think has finally forgiven me for the horrible ride in a cage, in my truck, and the leaving of some extra parts at the vet's office! He is now in excellent health & weighs almost 12 pounds...hence the name FattButt. :o}

So, Ill leave you here with my last 2 mossy pictures. Above is the base of the trunk of my favorite magnolia tree, with the moss, of course on the north side. And below is one more piece of antique paver, saved from our streetscape, that has been completely frosted with my favorite velvety moss. Hope you've enjoyed the pics, and tolerated my ramblings...I cannot seem to do a short post for anything!!

Enjoy the Greenery! *elaine*

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the 4 winners are.....

My husband, Joe, agreed to be my name picker...although he still can't quite figure out why I'm doing what I'm doing most of the time! I think I almost explained it to him, so he said "Sure, I'll pick 'em" He didn't know I would take a picture of each draw, but his smile says it all. He gets me, you know? And the winners are...drumroll... please! :o}

PRIM goes to Vintage Sue @

FISH goes to Debbie @

FOWL goes to Laurie @

and last, but not least...{I had the most picks for this}...PROPER goes to Cherry aka Kudzu Kween @

Congratulations to all my winners!! This has been a fun week, reading all your comments, and meeting up with new followers. I'll be popping over to the winners blogs to tell them in person, but I just want to say Thank You to everyone who took the time to read & comment, and all the really nice 100th post congrats & compliments. THIS is why I blog!! You gals are great...can hardly wait till my 200th!!!!! Hugs!! MissElaineous Trouble aka *elaine*

Getting ready to pick 4 winners...

So...this is where we spent Sunday morning. My favorite beach, at high tide, with the waves crashing on the shore. Lots of seaweed, but still my best place to spend a Sunday morning!But...last night, before going to sleep, I spent some time getting together all the comments for the giveback. Had 4 containers, which were labeled, one for each giveback...
Couldn't quite figure out how to get all these names together. Finally decided to print out all the comments...12 pages{!!}...and cut them apart, fold them up, and put them in their respective containers. Took a little while to accomplish this, but it was fun reading all the comments again. I know there is a much more "scientific" way to do this, but, hey, it worked. Finished this, got our stuff together for the beach, and toddled off to bed.

Now, I had planned to put all of this together on one blog post...but for some reason Blogger will only let me do 5 pics at a time. Darn Blogger!! So, I'm doing this in 2 installments. We're home from the beach, had an early dinner and picked my 4 winners right after I finished the dishes. I'll be back in a few minutes with my 4 lucky winners. Can you stand the suspense??!! :o} *elaine*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

GIVEBACK's ending...

"My Beach"
Toot...toot...giveback giveaway train is leaving the station! Alll Aa-Booard! No tickets required, but you only have till midnight tonight to leave a comment. "After midnight, we gonna let it all hang'...oops... wrong song! "My bags are packed, I'm ready to"...oops that's leavin on a jet plane. I do not move that fast on a Saturday morning. So go look at the previous post!! Whatever...sales are calling me...gotta run...see you...4 of you any way...sometime on Sunday. Hubby & I are off to the beach...serious high tide, and we may only have enough beach to stick our toes in the water, our "a*#es" in the sand...have you heard that song by the Zach Brown Band? {Too funny} ....but I need some R&R that only "my beach" can give. See ya Sunday *elaine*

Monday, September 14, 2009


And now....the moment we have all been waiting for!! Misselaineous Junk's 100th post!!! It only took me 2 years to get here :o} !!! When I started this blog, I had no idea why I was even doing it, let alone not knowing what on earth I would blog about. In this 2 years, I have met some of the coolest people ever! They blog about junk & family...good days & bad times...funny stuff & sad events...oh, and more junk! I have acquired 34 followers {!} and this blog giveback's for you. Below, you will find 4 very distinctive & unique "packages". Each has a theme and a name, and to put your name in the hat for that giveback, all you need to do is be a Love2Junk follower, and leave me a comment telling me which giveback you would like to win. Simple, yes? The commenting closes at 12:00 pm Saturday night, and with my husband's help, on Sunday we will choose one winner for each of the 4 giveback's. Oh....if you just happened to stumble upon Love2Junk, add your name to my follower list & leave me a comment!! And...just to keep things really interesting...I'm preparing for a yard sale in October, and between now and Saturday night, I will add other goodies to each package, as I unearth them in search of yard sale fodder. Sound good? Ready? Check 'em out! PRIM... for the primitive lovers among us.
PROPER...for those with a love for the softer side.

FISH...Miss Priss, the chalkware fish & a few of her special shells.

and last, but not least, FOWL...a sweet quackin' assortment of ducks & birds all in one nest.
So there they are! Prim & Proper...Fish or Fowl Choose your fav, leave a comment, and we'll pick 4 winners on Sunday September 20th. Oh, Mossy Monday will return next week on it's regular day...2 more M.M. 's to go! Have a great week, y'all! *elaine*

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2009

No Words...Only Sadness...Never Forget.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Funky Finds for Friday

This has been a week for interesting finds...I didn't find them on Friday, but I missed my Wednesday Wanderings post, hence the new name for this later post. The week has been busy beyond busy, so I'm posting this on Thursday night, instead of Friday. Confused? So am I !!! This was my first find of the week...last Sunday when I was supposed to be grocery shopping, I decided to pop into Lowe's...for just a minute and one quick pickup of tile grout. I always park at the garden center end, just because...:o}...and as I parked, I noticed a big rolling cart filled with these gorgeous Bouganvilla. When I got closer, I realized they were priced @ 2 for $10.00!!! Normally a beauty like this is $25.00! In the middle of the bottom shelf, I spied this HUGE 2 color one that was screaming my name! Had to have it, and as I loaded it into the cart, I thought maybe my friend Steph would like one also. Quick phone call, and I was searching for another one for Steph. Didn't find another 2 color, and no others were this big, but still found her a really nice one. Of course, I decided I needed more potting soil so I could repot this in a huge empty clay pot that was waiting at $44 & change later, I was finally out of Lowe's and on my way to Publix. Needed just a "few" $147 & change later I was finally on my way home...
On Tuesday morning, I discovered the Granddaddy of all fungi growing under the bench in my side yard. Was trying to figure out how to show how ginormous it is, and decided that my "delicate" size 9 Croc would be the perfect scale! ps...the Croc's were another funky find at my favorite thrift shop..$2, never worn, and they came from Disney, complete with "MickeyMinnie" buttons that I had to remove. These retail for $50 @ "MickeyMinnie" world, so that was another good score.

Now, this little stool was truly a find! Was heading into town on Wednesday, driving over the draw bridge that crosses the river, when I suddenly spied, on the very end of the bridge, this cool old stool laying on it's side. By the time I register what it is, I'm past the easy u-turn I drive on to the next one, turn around and drive back to the bridge where I carefully pull over, jump out of my truck, toss the stool in the back and casually drive away while the bridge tender looks at me like I am insane!! Little does he know!!! :o}

Just look at this adorable stool! Worth risking life & limb to rescue? Definitely!! I think if you click on the first pic, you can see the wonderful layers of paint & great chippy finish. It has one cracked rung, possibly from it's leap out of someone's vehicle, but a little Gorilla glue ought to fix that right up.

Last, but not least....someone...can't remember who...had a post about the Martha Stewart goodies that were appearing at Big Lots. I liked her stuff well enough when it debuted @ Michael's, but thought the prices were a bit much. Now they're $2 each or less. Plus they had recently added a ton of scrapbooking stuff, so $24 & change later, I was finally on my way to work...with maybe, almost ,enough $$ for lunch. Now that I'm thinking about this, I think it was Shara @ Monkeybox who passed on this Thanks, Shara, even if I did spend too much!! Oh, and where are the coconut M & M's???? I have searched high & low, can't find 'em, and now I'm craving something I have never even tasted! Argghhh!! So, I guess that's it for the finds for now. I'm one post closer to 100, and am still "home shopping" and looking for the rest of the perfect items for my giveback. This is harder than I thought it would be and I want to make sure I do it right! Time to sleep...I'll be back soon! Have a great Friday, all *elaine*

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's MOSSY Monday!!!

Well, my fearless readers, summer is waning and the raining season is ending {say that 3 times fast!} so the moss in my yard is beginning to fade. Fear not!!! I took lots of pictures in August, so Mossy Monday will have a couple more posts. For some reason, I only had 1 shot of this instead of my usual 2. Under all that moss and the adorable fern is a brick. Have old reclaimed brick edgings around a couple of my plant areas {I hesitate to call them gardens}.
So, can you guess what this shaggy moss is growing on?

You're right!! It's another brick!! In a long line of bricks! Interesting sidebar to these bricks is that I lugged them through the streets of town, during our streetscape several years ago. Whenever they uncovered old brick or other odd stuff, the construction super would walk by our store & holler in the door, "Got some more junk for ya!" It was actually very cool, considering we have salvage guys here that would even have paid for said junk....hmmmm. :o}

Okay...back to the the shape of this piece, and at one time we discovered a small toad living in one of the holes in this. Natural made toad abode!

It is a coquina stone, which is about the only natural stone we have here in Florida. The little girl singing next to the stone is Amy...she has a twin sister to your right that got cut out of the pic, also named Amy. I found these 2 at a moving sale several weeks after my Mom {Amy} passed away, and the people who were having the sale had recently lost their daughter to cancer {also Amy}, so it seemed fitting that I bring them home and name them both Amy. So, that's MOSSY Monday for this Labor Day! There is fodder enough for several more, but in the meantime, it appears that I am getting closer and closer to post number that would mean that the time for my giveback is almost upon us. I've been planning and "home shopping" and have come up with some very interesting items for this giveback. So...nuff said for now, but I believe I'll be back on Wednesday, which will put me one step closer to 100...can you stand the suspense??!!!! One thing I do know for sure...I would like this giveback to be open only to my followers, which is not a shameless plug for more followers, but a way, I think, of keeping this manageable for me. I've seen giveaways that have like ,900 responses, & I know I can't handle that hugeness, kay? I'm off to have morning coffee with hubby...make that morning coffee with no cigarette...I'm trying...thanks for all the great comments, btw. Enjoy the greenery. *elaine*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrambled Saturday...all over the boards!

Was not going to post today, but woke up at the crack of dawn, and could not get back to sleep! Looked on my photo program & found some pictures that I haven't had a chance to in no order, other than random..Above is "Time in a Bottle"...made this a couple of days after our 35th anniversary, with shells & beach glass & some other odd stuff, and put it all in an old cream bottle I dug out of the mud on our lake. The lake almost got my shoe that day, but I won out! :o} I think if you click to enlarge the picture, you can see the tiny rolled up pics of Joe & I, & 1 of the beach morning glory.
These were a few neat, super cheap items from a partial Estate sale, last weekend. A couple of these items will be going out for MY sale, coming up in October. Actually, now that I look a little closer, the only thing going back out will be the Pyrex butter dish. Already found homes for the rest of the goodies! Cannot wait to see the ad for the remainder of this sale...the lady is so nice, and is taking her time going through the house where her Mother lived for like 40 years. Hard job, that.

Found this odd little wood organizer at a sale 2 or more months ago, and have been tossing really random stuff into it as I clean up my creating space for upcoming creating. Those little bluebirds are no bigger than a jellybean..too cute!

I'm on week forever and seven, or 8 or whatever of still trying to quit these nasty things. Had to stop the patches, they were making me sick to my stomach...can't stand the chewing on a piece of drywall...and the cold turkey keeps biting me in the butt!! For those of you who smoke, or have, you know what I'm talking about. For those who never have, move on to the next pic, or leave a comment telling me what a dumb butt I am to even think about wanting to smoke! Come on...leave a comment...I can take it and maybe it'll help with this newest attempt!

One more close-up of "Time in a Bottle" My husband thought this was too cool and it was a lot of fun to make. I've gotten back into beachcombing this year, when I realized I can still find beach glass, and great shells...and get great exercise, and get tanned....all at the same time! A win-win situation all the way around. So.... I've been to a bunch of sales this week already & hit my favorite thrift shop several times, and all the goodies are still in the back of the Blazer. 3 good sounding sales for this AM, before I get to work, so I guess I'll get this out into blog land, and get ready for early leaving! Have an awesome weekend...*elaine*