Saturday, March 28, 2009


Opened my mailbox last night and the sweetest little bluebird came flying out to say hello. Shara, over at Monkeybox, had a "Meme" giveaway awhile back, and this little bluebird is my gift from that. So...thank you Shara! The bird is really sweet and she has already made herself at home on my message board...junk board??... in my really messy "studio"...HAAA!!! I really need to get in here and clean stuff up...I have no room to create, 'cause of all the piles of stuff to create with! I had 2 gals respond to My Meme, and I have all the parts of my creations on my work table...just need to clear a spot so I can actually work on them! I have too much, can never have too much junk....right??!!?? LOL Have a great weekend, all *elaine*

Sunday, March 15, 2009


In the shuttle post I seem to have loaded the wrong picture for the fuel tank separation...I'll try one more time. sorry...the pictures come up so small, it's hard to see if you have the right one...wish I still had my 30 and 40 year old vision...this 50 stuff is for the birds!! LOL *elaine*

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1......LIFT OFF!

30 seconds after launch.
3 to 4 minutes after liftoff.

Up, up & away!

Fuel tanks separating from shuttle.

The trail lingers for about 10 minutes.

This is one of the last times I will be able to see this sight from my driveway...lift off of the space shuttle. I've always loved the night launches, and to be able to see it this clearly from my own front yard is very cool! It was a clear night, and the sun was just going down, which is where the orange in the trail is coming from...normally it's all white. God speed, Discovery, safe journey and safely back home again. *elaine* {if you enlarge the pics here, you should be able to see the little white dot that is the shuttle, and even the separation of the external fuel tanks}

Spring is popping out all over!!

Traditional, all over Florida Azalea
Caught a visitor on this magenta bush

Bush that almost died last year due to drought...coming back stronger!

Carolina Jessamine...a weed in Louisiana...but they smell SO good!

One lone Jessamine bloom that landed perfectly in the salmon azalea beneath the pine tree..

Last of the Camelias...this bush was so full in January I had to prop it up!

Spring arrived in full this week. We have had temperatures in the 80's all week, with nights in the high 50's and low 60's! It's been wonderful! Have all the windows thrown open wide, and every window I look out of, I can see a huge splash of Azalea color. The bushes themselves are not a thing of beauty...need to get a bit more serious about trimming when they are finished flowering...but the blooms have been great this year! I have several different colors in the yard, but I think my favorite has to be the deep magenta. My husband bought me 3 of those several years ago, and after almost loosing them to near drought conditions last year, they have rewarded us with fabulous color! so...while my creative mojo seems to be absent, I can at least share some spring color will all of you who are winter weary and ready for green shoots coming up through the snow! Enjoy! *elaine*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cool Award!!! WooHoo!!!

Good Morning, all! I've been missing for over a week and spent my morning coffee time trying to catch up on all the news fit to blog! Imagine my huge surprise when I clicked over to Cherry's blog...aka Kudzukween...and found she had bestowed upon me this very cool award! Thank you, Cherry! After the last week and a half I've had, this made me smile more than you could know! I know there are some questions I need to answer, and then I have to pick 5 of my faves and pass it on, but I have no time left this morning. I have to take my sweet award and head to off to work...thanking God that I have a job, and that I made it through all the trials and tribulations that came my way last week.'s a brand new day, the sun is...or will be soon...shining...{don't like this time change}...and I'm up and ready to tackle whatever comes my way!!! Thank You again, Cherry, for the sweet award...I SHALL return! *elaine*

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monkeybox Junk!!

BIG junk box!!
Just a portion of the cool junk!

This cigar box is loaded with goodies! Letters, and game pieces and strings of rusty hearts...oh my!

Some of the paper goodies!

And look at this awesome name thing Shara did with metal tags, letters and ribbon. Love it!

Finally have a quiet moment to post this...the past week has been insane, and I'm still getting over that cold/flu that hit me me 2 weeks ago. Anyway...on Tuesday I arrived at my mailbox and found the usual bills & junk, but wait...there in the that the key to the parcel box?? Yes it is! Pulled out this BIG box from Shara over at Monkeybox, who had a giveaway in Febrary that I won. Opened it as soon as I got home, and all I can say is WOW...and WOOHOO...and look at all this cool junk! There's fabric, and junk, and old postcards and greeting cards, and junk, and ribbon and embroidered things, and junk and so many cool things to inspire junk creations!! I took several pictures, but they don't even begin to show all the cool stuff! I'm so happy that I won this giveaway...although my hubby was looking at me like I'd lost my Thank You Shara, for all the goodies, and hopefully I'll be posting some cool junk creations very soon! Have a great Sunday! *elaine*