Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter Obsession?

For the past 5 years or so, I have had what appears to be an obsession with letters. It started innocently enough, with the purchase of a broken down Scrabble game bought for .50 at a yard sale. The box & board went in the trash, & I was left with a large pile of letter tiles...what to do with them?? Well...I also happen to have a collection of old food jars, so hauled out a cool coffee jar...& in they went. Looked great on my shelf, so now when I went yard sale-ing I had something new to look for...more Scrabble tiles to file the jar, of course. I love to read, I do a lot of scrapbooking, plus I work at a T-shirt shop where we personalize tee's. So I guess the obsession has honest I just have to keep coming up with new creative ways to use all my letters...PS...also along the way started to collect other game pieces...especially old dice. Love, love the old red and green Bakelite ones, although they are getting harder to find. So enjoy the pics of my letter stuff, and I'll be back next weekend...can't believe I did 2 posts in 1 weekend! I'm getting better...either that or I just had too much time on my hands this weekend...couldn't seem to get motivated to accomplish any great tasks! :D have a great week *elaine*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wild Flowers can be breathtaking.

Been away...haven't seen me in awhile...too much to do & never enough time! Had to share these pictures! Came over the top of a small hill last Monday, and hit the brakes at the sight of this sea of gold. For once, had my camera, so pulled off & started to carefully make my way through the edges of these amazing meadows. I don't know what kind of flowers the golden ones are, but the fields are intermingled with wild phlox in an amazing array of pinks & white with a little magenta thrown in for good measure. Ahh...Florida in the spring...still holds some surprises! Actually, these are not meadows, but a very small citrus grove with very wide spaces between the orange trees...have a great weekend! *elaine*