Friday, July 31, 2009

LAST weekend's finds

Bumper pool balls? Great red & ivory color! 10 cents each. Frames, record book & tea tin...50 cents each. Funky green pencil sharpener for my workbench $1
The balls ended up here, after a good cleaning, in a bowl made by oldest son, nestled among the pinecones.

The 50 cent mirror, before cleaning and adding ribbon...great green color on the record book...another 50 cents...I thought "Journal!" as soon as I saw it. It has lined pages that are alphabetized, missing A & B, but all the rest of the pages have no writing...a fresh blank slate!

Mirror in it's new home, in the company of a great red framed beveled mirror from a trashed train case, and my favorite framed photo of my Grandma Amy as a young woman. Click to enlarge...the dress she's wearing is just amazing.

I am so behind on posting my junk finds, I don't think I'll ever catch up. The sales have been pretty good lately, not awesome, but good. I usually lug the treasures home & stash them in the shed until inspiration hits. But this week a lot of the new finds have found their perfect places in the house or yard almost immediately! We have a new Thrift Shop that just opened last week, and it's been wonderful! I told the manager that I'd probably be there every other day, as it's right on my way to work, and so far that's how often I've stopped. New stuff every day, and true low thrift shop prices. All proceeds benefit a local residential home in town that cares for physically & mentally disabled kids and young adults. Great cause...don't feel quite so guilty when I'm buying another pile of stuff. None of the stuff in the pictures is from the new shop...I'll try to get some pics of those things tomorrow. In the meantime, all of the goodies were from one yard sale and one church sale. The prices were sooo low...less than $5 for all. I love the mirror...old, handcarved and very unique. All I did was give it a bath and add the wired green ribbon to hang by. It seems quite happy in the arrangement on the wall in my "studio". The tall skinny 6 drawer chest came from a sale the week before,$3, and holds all my chipboard letters for scrapbooking. I've been getting so organized lately. Not usually a summer project, but it's just been so hot this summer. A couple hours in the morning is it for me to work outside, and then it's back in the A/C for most of the afternoon, so organizing stuff in my room is almost fun!! eyes are getting tired & I keep making typos, so I'm off to post my pics, and early to bed. Have a great weekend!! *elaine* PS I was thrilled to click on my blog tonight and see that I have 28 followers! I know there are many other blogs that have many more than that, but when I started this blog I didn't have a clue where it would lead, and it's just really gratifying to have all these folks follow my meanderings! Still not sure where I'm going, but the trip is never boring! G'night!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mirror Re*do...Part 2

Finally got the little green mirror hung in it's new home, and remembered my camera so I could take some pictures. It fit great in the oak bookcase, and now I'm just waiting for our sorority sunglasses and displays to come in so I can finish putting the whole thing together. My boss loved it...especially the word PeRfEct! on the glass. I think she finally gets it! Also snapped a couple other pics of a few junk pieces I found and dragged to work. It's given me a whole new place to store things!! LOL :o} In the pics above the mirror are some vintage In baskets I found in the junky area of a local thrift shop. I was going to paint them for the shop, but decided if I bring them home again to use, I'd want them in their unpainted state. They worked perfectly for the new paper items we'll be carrying this year. In the final 2 pictures, which are actually the first 2 pictures...(I get so annoyed with blogger for the way it posts pictures at times)...but I a badmitton racquet I found at another thrift & added some ribbons & "pearls" and attached to our key chain display that was looking a little tired. We have a lot of high school & college age girls in and out the store, and so far, they all like the new look...I think I may be on to something good. The shop has been in business for 29 years,and I know need to be a bit more creative to keep things fresh and appealing. What better way than by more JUNKING!!! Yah!! Have a good week...happy junking. *elaine*

Monday, July 27, 2009

Whoops...time for profile update?

Received a couple of comments on my last post, and was wondering why folks thought I had a junk sellin' space. Light dawned...checked out my profile and realized it has't been updated since July 2008. Steph & I had to close our space down in December, sadly. We didn't want to, but our sales were getting worse by the month, and then the owner decided to relocate the shop. She had a nice spot (read high rent$$$) in the heart of downtown;moved back to a spot in the next town on the side of a busy state road where the traffic is horrible! Since we were just barely making the rent, we made the decision to pack it in...literally...pack it in the sheds, pack it in the get the picture. Sooo, until we figure out a new venue...we're stuffed to the rafters. In the meantime, I continue to manage a small sorority/fraternity/t-shirt shop in the same historic small town. I redid the mirror for that shop...I've been there for 17 years, so the owner lets me do just about whatever I want when it comes to display. This summer I'm sneaking in a few junk pieces, and so far she likes them. I'll have to bring my camera with me this week and get some pics of the mirror in it's new temp home, and some of the other stuff I've added. I'm thinking of making up some tags that say "NFS..on loan from the MissElaineous Museum of Crusty, Chippy Junk" Do you think they'll get it?? I have to get ready for work, so I'll try to fix my profile when I get home tonight! Have a great Monday *elaine* was planning on a picture, but can't seem to find my shop file...#**7?!)){ photo program...or is it the operator? Nah!! So no pics today...i'll be back!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mirror Re*Do

Had several ideas for posts today, but you bloggers have been so busy posting, and I've been so busy reading, I'm running out of Sunday! Went to quite a few yard sales on Friday & Saturday, and found some good stuff, but haven't had time to get pics taken. So, instead, I'll show you my project for today...I had a cute framed mirror I bought awhile ago, that needed some help. Decided to redo it for a prop at the shop where I work. We're going to be carrying more sorority jewelry, as well as sunglasses, and I realized these girls are going to want to see how great they look before buying! This morning I went searching in the shed for the mirror...AArrRggGHHh!!! Wouldn't you know, it was in the VERY back corner, behind at least a ton of stuff! I moved 1/2 a ton and then contorted my poor body over the remaining 1/2 ton, and finally extracted the mirror. Ta Dahhh! After 2 Advil, a rub of BenGay and a wee bit of Khalua in my coffee, I was finally able to clean, paint and even *bling* this little mirror back to life. I added the word PeRfECt ! in rub-on scrapbook letters found at Big Lots for $1. It's hard to see in the picture, but then it's hard to photograph a mirror anyway! I think it turned out pretty well...can hardly wait to see it hanging in the shop tomorrow...not that I'm rushing to get to Monday, mind you! I know the girls will like it...maybe I'll be able to *bling* up a couple more and sell 'em. Of course, that would mean more yard sale-ing...and thrift shopping...and curb picking...I think I can handle that!! :o} I'll be back in a couple days with some of my neat finds, and what I've already done with them. Until then, have a great week. *elaine*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Touched by Blogging Angels

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! to all of my newfound blogging friends who took time from their busy lives and left such heartfelt & inspirational comments on my last post. I was feeling so shattered the day I wrote that, but your almost instant responses lifted my spirits more than you can imagine! Prayers, hugs and reassuring words that made me feel so much better! Our crisis is still brewing, but I know I can find the strength that I need to deal with it as it comes my way. It's funny...when I tell people I blog, they look at me a little strangely...and sometimes ask why I would spend my time on the computer talking to folks I've never met, & may never meet, about junk...and life...and more junk, or whatever. I don't really know how to explain it...but I do know one thing for certain. Since I have been blogging, I have "met" some of the most genuine, caring, talented women I have ever had the good fortune of "meeting"! Thank You, Ladies...I'm not naming names...ya'll know who you are.... *elaine*

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I was not sure if I would be able to post anything this family has had a terrible week, and I am still under a black cloud of mammoth proportions. I won't go into all the gory details, but suffice to say due to poor decisions made by our youngest son, a hole has been torn in our family that may never be able to be mended. I've been walking around in a fog all week....crying and wailing and wondering where we went wrong in his upbringing. Now that I am literally cried out, I know it's not what we did, or didn't do. Once our children reach adulthood, they make their own choices & decisions, and we have to hope that we have given them a strong foundation, and the wisdom to make the right choices. In many cases, despite our guidance and stability, they still make the wrong decisions. The ones made by our son will affect us for many years to come. In the meantime, I cannot, will not allow his mistakes to put me under. I know I am strong and I have to continue to figure out how to be stronger. We have all gone through difficult times, and we have asked others for their prayers & I'm asking for that now for my family. We need all the strength and help that we can receive to get us through this terrible situation. On a somewhat lighter note, I found this lemonade sign at a yard sale on Friday. The family having the sale had lost their wonderful country home to foreclosure. So I bought several things, and probably paid too much, but my heart was breaking for this lovely family. It reminded me of all the blessings in my life that I am so grateful for, and also was a stark reminder that just when you think life can't be any worse, you find some one who is suffering even more. So, this morning I hung my lemonade sign on my porch, and painted the "Lemons?" sign to add to it. This will be my mantra for now & in the I try to pull my family back together, with a smile on my face...not tears... during this crisis. *elaine*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Minimum Junk...Maximum Wildflowers!

Front fence gone wild!
Gloriosa lily & Honeysuckle

Pretty isn't it?

Love the colors!

Check out the adorable birthday baby in the old photo! I'm seeing a cute vintage birthday card in the making with this one!

Happy Friday everybody. Once again, I have an unusual day never home on Friday, but my part-time lady can't work tomorrow...this time of year, I'll take what I can get!! Had hoped there would be some good sounding sales in the Pennysaver, but the best sounding one is on Saturday! So, I'm spending the day at home. Did get to one interesting sale on Thursday, but I think I missed most of the good stuff...too late. Managed to find the cute little piece of metal garden fencing...old? Don't know, but I like the patina on it. Also got the 1946 book "Drawing Dogs"...falling apart, but nice little pencil illustrations. As I walked down the driveway, spied the little brown transfer ware plate under some trash...spent a whole 1.60 at this sale. Still had $ to spend :o} so went to my favorite thrift shop. Found this cute red tablecloth for 1.00...too bad I missed the 4th of July with this one...It's so red and picnic-y looking...Oh well, there's always next year! The rest of my pics, as well as my new header, are pictures of my front fence gone wild. We live out in the hubby built this fence years ago, and this year the wild honeysuckle & the gloriosa lilies have taken over! I'm really enjoying the watering, no fertilizing and color every day. My kind of plants!! So, enjoy the colors...check out the macro shot of that lilly...I think I finally figured out that setting on the Canon...I'm amazed at the detail! Have a great weekend! *elaine*

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Almost Forgot This!

I had one other item I was going to include in my 4th of July post...unfortunately, I couldn't find it when I was taking pictures. This morning, while vaccuuming our bedroom, I remembered that it was under the bed...don't laugh...and please don't tell me you have nothing under your bed!! :o} I found this amazing piece...under my mother's bed (like mother, like daughter?)...and planned to have it framed. So far, it is carefully sandwiched in 2 layers of acid free mat board. Just haven't found the perfect vintage frame for it. New won't do, it has to be old. Anyway, this piece was presented to my great grandparents after their son, my great Uncle Ambrose, was killed in WW1. We had many relatives who served our country, but Ambrose was the only one who didn't come home. Notice how it says "the World War" that innocent age I imagine they never thought that there would be another World War. The art work on this is awesome, and look at the handwriting where they wrote in Ambrose's name & rank. Do you suppose that is Woodrow Wilson's real signature...or did someone else sign for him, as they do today. So, in honor of all the men and women who have fought for our freedom, and to all of those who are still fighting, I say Thank You & may God Bless you and keep you safe from harm. You are all heros!! *elaine*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three Cheers...

for the Red,White and Blue!! And a Happy Independence Day to all my blogging friends. Today is also the 2nd birthday of my blog!! I cannot believe I have been doing this sometimes rather odd thing of blogging for 2 years!! I have to say, though, that it's FUN, plain & simple. I have "met" more of the neatest, most creative people that I have ever run across in one place! Bloggers who are funny...and make the most amazing things out of what other people consider junk. Bloggers who are serious...and find the most amazing treasures that other people consider junk,and reuse & repurpose these things in amazing ways. There are so many awesome people out there, I may have to change my Morning Coffee Blog list to..."2 Cups of Coffe and Can I Eat My Breakfast While Reading Blogs?" list!! To all the folks that are already on my list...thank you for always making me smile, or laugh, or wonder, "How the heck did she do that?". And also for making me want to go out & find more junk!! You're all amazing!!! Okay...enough gold stars & accolades. Have a great Independence Day and I'll see you all again Sunday morning...with my coffee...and maybe a bagel & cream cheese?? *elaine*

Friday, July 3, 2009


Saw this term on a couple of blogs this week...and I think that's what I'm having! It's been sooo hot, the few sales I've been to have been dismal, and I'm in a funk of massive proportions! Did not get my 4th of July stuff up, my creativity is at an all time low, and I still have a day of work to go before my 2 day weekend. Am I whining TOO much?? Sorry! :o} There are actually 3 sales listed in the Pennysaver for I'll check them out and hope they have something exciting. Maybe that will cheer me up? It's not supposed to be as hot today...only 94 and good chance of rain. I have a post planned for Saturday...hopefully I'll be able to get that together before Sunday...LOL. In the meantime, since I don't have any new goodies to share, I thought I'd show some pics of my rather large collection of red white & blue funky stuff. Never set out to really collect it...just kind of found me! Can you guess which room of my house this collection lives in?? Have a great Friday *elaine*