Monday, January 28, 2008

My New Year work-in-progress

So...Christmas projects had totally trashed my sewing/scrappin'/crafting/techno room...the east wing, as my DH affectionately refers to's on the east end of our grand 1972 single wide mobile home!! Decided for the new year of creating that I needed to reorganize...well, of course, reorganizing turns into redecorating, and cleaning and painting..etc..etc..and January's almost gone and I have yet to craft, create or scrap a single thing!! My huband wants to know if I'm ever coming out of my room...I say "yes, but watch out, cause then I'll probably start working on the kitchen", and that will affect him's heart, stomach thing you know what I mean :o} " I have one thing left to paint ( w/ my $2 mistint green) and that's my work table...may only do the front for now..but that will probably bug the crap out of me, knowing the back's not done :o} guess I'll need to do the whole thing...wonder how many mammoth dust bunnies I'll unearth when I move that??!!! So, it's Monday, and I have to work, can't paint I'm off to the local I really need to add anything else..have a great Monday folks..see ya !!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A week of FINDS!!!

This whole week has been a week of really awesome vintage finds! Starting Monday @ my GW...bought 2 semi-old Chinese Checker games, cause I like the graphics & I collect marbles...went to put the marbles in zip bags in my truck, cause the rolling sound while driving was driving me nuts, & found that most of the plain ol' marbles had been replaced w/ really cool marbles. Then went to 2 sales on Thursday, and 2 on Friday and found all of these vintage finds for cheep..cheep..cheep!! Pyrex sugar & creamer, cute little Homer Laughlin sugar bowl, gravy boat & 5 of the old books all @ one. Took the stuff up to the elderly lady having the sale and she says "1.00...for everything" & proceeds to wrap it all up! I gave her $2.00. to cover all the wrap she used! The other books came from 1 Thurs sale, for .25 each...and the really neat wood wine crate came from the curb!! Also in the same pile, found a wood framed humongous mirror w/ plate glass that must weigh 50 lbs!, and 1 framed oil or acrylic that will come out of it's "fugly" frame & go to my resale space. Will take & post pics of those as soon as I can get them out of my truck! All in all, a very good week, with very little $ spent. Planned on NO sales today, but there's 1 @ the local firehouse...gotta support the locals, right??!!?? Later! ...One more DGD pic to sneak in...we had bfast tog Fri AM, & this kid is just so darn sweet in the morning...Mommy & Daddy are night owls, but this one is a morning person all the way...kid after my own heart!! Oh, wait, she's already got that!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My heart has been broken...

On January 7th, we had to make the decision to put to sleep our sweet lovin' yellow Lab, Buck. He had been ill for over a year and we kept hoping for the miracle that never came. Every morning when I would feed him, I would tell him it was okay to let go...but he just kept hanging on, and that Sunday before the 7th, he could barely stand...and my husband found a sweet lovin' vet that agreed to come to our home and help us say goodbye...and now my keyboard's getting all wet, and I thought I'd waited long enough to write about this w/o tears. Guess I was wrong , folks. The Doc my husband found was one of the most compassionate women I've ever met...she has no office, all her work is done mobile...& she spent a huge amount of time with us & Buck...never made me feel like she was in a rush to get on w/ the next thing on her list...very unusual in this day of "rush..get it done...rush..rush...move on". If my heart ever stops breaking, she will be my new Doc for whatever "fur-face" finds his/her way into our home and our hearts...not now, & maybe not for a long, long time...but I feel that there will be another unloved & unwanted who will somehow find us, just like my sweet Buck did 13 years ago...and he or she will probably break my heart again...and damn, I feel like the Tin Man...I know I have a heart, cause it just keeps getting broken...I miss you "Buck-L-Butts"..(why do my pets always end up with odd add-ons to their names??)...and I'll miss you always. Hope you made it to the Rainbow Bridge...I'll see you in 30 or 40 years, God willin'....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whoa! I have comments!!

Started this "wannabe" blog back in July, not really knowing what on earth to do with it...gave it a neat title, and proceeded to post stuff that had nothing to do with junkin'. Didn't even know that other people could, or would, access this teeny internet space by clicking on my name...still a little DUH when it comes to techno stuff. SOOO...imagine my surprise when I found I had 2 comments from last year that I had never even looked at ! Sorry, folks! New year, new ideas...and I promise to post some pics of my treasures, of which there are many... every time I bring home something new, my husband of 34 years says, " So now we're complete?" Gotta love him...that's him, btw, under the rainbow on our lake in the previous post. Will search the "archives" for pics I've already uploaded...or is that downloaded? I can never remember which is what! Note to self...need to carry my digital camera with me on my junkin' trips...then maybe I can get a shot before lugging the booty to the work shed...or up in the barn...or fitting it into it's new home inside... or pricing it for resale @ my little space I share w/best friend Steph...the same one who moved from Mass in July! We're off to the Flea Market on Wed...with our "old woman" cart that somehow always manages to end up full, even on a slow day!!! there's a couple pics of my "junk". More to follow...have a great day..And I'm sneaking in just 1 pic of my sweet Zoombrowser's full of 'em!!