Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Mass" move to Florida...mid July!

Well...this has been an interesting weekend so far. Steph & Steve sold their house on Cape Cod, and moved their whole lives to Florida, during the heat of the summer! They arrived on Thursday night in a U-Haul truck with a car carrier and 2 cats! Needless to say, it's been a bit chaotic since then. They rented a little mobile home on the next street over, so only spent one night sleeping here. Good thing, since the new air mattress from Sears (China, of course) went flat over night! We started unloading the truck at 1:00 PM Friday, and gave up when it got too hot, and a thunderstorm was looming overhead. They got an early start this AM, and we're sitting here nursing aches and pains that have us moanin' and groanin' every time we move! When did we get so darn old that we can't help a friend move without feeling all these pains??? I'm thrilled that they are finally here, after 2 years of planning and trying to sell their house. Old friends are hard to come by, and now we are moving on to a totally different phase...we'll see how things go!

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