Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter Obsession?

For the past 5 years or so, I have had what appears to be an obsession with letters. It started innocently enough, with the purchase of a broken down Scrabble game bought for .50 at a yard sale. The box & board went in the trash, & I was left with a large pile of letter tiles...what to do with them?? Well...I also happen to have a collection of old food jars, so hauled out a cool coffee jar...& in they went. Looked great on my shelf, so now when I went yard sale-ing I had something new to look for...more Scrabble tiles to file the jar, of course. I love to read, I do a lot of scrapbooking, plus I work at a T-shirt shop where we personalize tee's. So I guess the obsession has honest I just have to keep coming up with new creative ways to use all my letters...PS...also along the way started to collect other game pieces...especially old dice. Love, love the old red and green Bakelite ones, although they are getting harder to find. So enjoy the pics of my letter stuff, and I'll be back next weekend...can't believe I did 2 posts in 1 weekend! I'm getting better...either that or I just had too much time on my hands this weekend...couldn't seem to get motivated to accomplish any great tasks! :D have a great week *elaine*


maminkagirl said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you found it! Looks like you find some good stuff at yard sales there in central Florida. My son is in college in Winter Park but I don't think I could convince him to check out the yard sales for me! I just love that little train case you found. Happy Spring, Maminka Girl

Quaint Prims said...'ve won on The Primitive Gathering's Celebration
Run over to see your gift
and email your mailing info

smiles and congrats!! deena

Greg said...

Oh, I just love your jar of letter tiles! I just love words and letters and the idea of being surrounded by them is wonderful (my favorite college prof wrote a poem about bathing in a bathtub of letters once!).

When we were in the midst of our very frustrating move last winter, I found a kid's toy block with the letter F on my mind, of course, that wasn't the F word I kept it to represent...but I suppose I could tell people that!

; )

(Hey, where are the pictures of the baseball sized hail!?!?)

Robolady said...

Love your letters. Not sure what motivates us, but if it makes us happy... You asked about the thing my little conservatory is sitting on. It is an old cabinet filled with these glass drawers. I love it, here's a better pic.
I just love it and it was only 5.00 at a GS, due to the fact that it was missing 3 drawers. Score!!!!!

NJTomboy said...

LOL - I too love letters.. I went from Scrabble letters, To Typewriter Keys, To Keyboard Keys, TO Wooden Letters, to Plastic board letters to cardboard letters and I am sure I haven't stopped yet! LOL