Sunday, October 18, 2009

SALE'S over...Whew!!! "O Dark-thirty" Saturday morning Steph & I are at my boss's house dragging a ton of junk out into the driveway. We had set up the tables & other inside stuff Tuesday & Wednesday nights after work, but we still utilized most of Carol's 2 car drive as well as most of the garage! When did garage sales become so much work?? I used to decide on a Thursday to have a sale on Friday AND Saturday, and still have enough energy to chase 2 little boys around, and maybe even still be awake @ 7:30...the little boys are all grown up, the sale was only Saturday and I was asleep by 7:00 Saturday night, on the couch, probably snoring!! :o} Would you LOOK at all this stuff?!? Does it reproduce on it's own in the dark shed? Or does it need the sunlight upstairs in the barn to accomplish this?? All I know for sure is I have way too much stuff...even after the sale! Have a huge pile of boxes slated to go to my favorite thrift, the BS...Hey Jim...can you arrange a pickup for me? Still have a small pile in Carol's garage, another in Steph's husband's van and I spent most of today reorganizing & filling another box for the BS. Thankfully, business was brisk and we sold a ton of stuff. A lot of the large items went fairly early...outgrown used twice baby seat { did my kids grow this fast?} and more stuff that I will never think of again! Farewell...parting is such a relief! :o}
Also, to our advantage, there were quite a few sales in the same area, and I know we got a lot of our buyers in clumps from those sales. We had NO early birds, cause they were all too busy early birdin' the other sales. There was an Estate Sale, a couple of miles down the street, that sounded SOOOO good Steph & I actually thought about leaving ours & going to theirs...just for a moment...just a brief thought, I swear!
More views of more junk...cannot believe Calvin, the handmade pig on the front table did not sell. He sold for $50 @ a craft show, and while I didn't pay that much, I paid more than the $10 I priced him at. I collected pigs at one time, gave 'em up...but Calvin, after being handled by everyone at the sale, came home with me.
I covered my motley collection of card tables with some of the less desirable vintage table clothes. These tables have been in my barn for years, but the humidity this year really took it's toll on all metal parts....squeeeekkkk!!!
So, all in all, the sale was a great success! Will head to the bank tomorrow to deposit a nice little bankroll that I didn't have Saturday morning. Even nicer is being able to see inside the shed AND walk straight to the washer w/o climbing over a teetering pile of boxes! Spent another hour or so in there this morning, and discovered the makings for at least 5 projects that had been buried by the sale fodder collecting frenzy! Now of course, it's only 2 weeks or less till Halloween, and all that stuff is in more blue plastic totes...up in the barn...don't know how many trips these knees can make up those stairs, but I gotta get the punkins down...and the black cats...and all the other goodies still up there. I need an elevator! Did you hear that, Joe?? No more barns with upSTAIRS...okay? :o} Gotta run...time for Gray's one prime time soap-y show....oh wait that was on Thursday?....missed about Desperate Housewives?....oh wait that makes 2 prime time soap-y shows... that's okay Joe's asleep in his chair "watching" the football game...I'll just tippy toe out there, and sneak that remote right out of his hand! Hope you all had a great weekend, and found lots of good junk! I'll be back in a couple of days with the punkins from the barn. till then happy Sunday night *elaine*


Shara said...

Elaine - Sounds like your sale was a success! As much as I looooove yard sales, I know having one is a complete and total PAIN. I would have been begging to buy the tablecloths if I was there - I know they weren't for sale. But, I always ask when I see one on a table at a sale. GET SOME REST!

PS Calvin ROCKS!

Sue said...

I wish I could have been there, I spotted a couple of things I would have bought!
Im the same, after my last sale, it took a couple of days for me to recover.I think the build up to it is so much too!

~~Carol~~ said...

Geez, that looks like it was a great sale! I saw something in every picture that I would've grabbed. Like that red suitcase, or that blue mirror, or those tablecloths! Glad your sale was a success!


Glad your sale went well and you can find the washer :)
I'm going to drop off some leftover tomorrow at the local thrift store...need a little more space in the garage for my Jeep:) She doesn't like to sit out in the cold and snow.
Deb :)

svelteSTUFF said...

Looks like the kind of sale 'I' would have been an early bird at!! Nice job!

Kudzu said...

congratulations on a success! if it were me, in no time, i'd have it full of "new" stuff!

Betty said...

Hi elaine, glad your sale went well. I have an award for you on my blog if you want to stop by and pick it up. Have a good day!