Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Day 4...this not very nice, witchy storm named Fay has been swirling over our heads in Central Florida. She has dumped massive amounts of rain, and is still right over us...not sure how slow she's moving now, 'cause our satellite went out yesterday. All I know for sure is she is still here and wrecking havoc every where she goes! Snapped a couple pics this AM... how bout that 4 1/2 pounds of water??!! And that scale is under roof on my porch!! The lake has come up SO far, the ducks are threatening to leave home...maybe I should just go take a bubble bath...oh, pump went out this morning, so I have no water,except for the emergency jugs for drinking. Okay...that's it...I've had it! Going back to bed...wake me up when hurricane season ends!!! :o} *elaine*


Sher said...

I pray that everything is back to normal for you and everyone else in Fay's path. Thank God you're unharmed and the worst is over!

terri said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a quick chat. Hope the hurricane's didn't leave you in too bad shape and you've been able to get it all back in order. Happy fall y'all.