Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yard Sales are FINALLY better!

After a long hot summer...I know, it's not over yet...of terrible, horrible, worst I have ever seen yard sales, things are finally lookin' up! I'm talking sales that make you mourn the loss of the gas you just burned up to get there...sales where the stuff needed to be bagged and dragged to the curb, sales that look so bad as you drive by you don't even want to stop! What's up with that??!!?? Anyway, things were much better this weekend...Scored all the goodies in the pic for under $7 at 2 sales on my way to the grocery store. The Universal pottery pitcher & pie pan with the hollyhocks is too sweet!! Can never pass up old cookbooks, or vintage fabric...and don't you just love the dancing lady in the old photo?? She has already been scanned, reprinted and on her way to being a birthday card for a dear friend turning 50 this old photos...instant ancestors, anyone?? So. a month & a half between posts this time...I think I'm getting worse instead of better! It's been a long hot summer, and now we're bracing for Hurricane Fay...been there, done that...don't need any damn hurricanes!! We're praying she dies out before she gets to us, but things look a little iffy on that score. Hope Ya'll have had a good summer...have a happy Sunday...see ya again soon! elaine

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Sher said...

Hey there, Gal! It was good to see you over at my place again! Your pottery pitcher and plate are adorable; sounds like you got them for a great price!