Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day greetings...a little late.

This little cat is mechanical...his tail is on a grommet so it can be moved back & forth.
I think this little guy looks sort of like Charlie Chaplin? Silly, cute face!

I deleted my Valentine multiple posts from yesterday..was using, or attempting to use, a different photo program and was not happy with it at all!! So, I tracked down my good ol' Adobe, and I'm much happier with the scans of the vintage cards I'm posting. My Grandmother, Grandfather & Mother collected all sorts of ephemera, including cards, postcards & stamps. Most of my vintage cards came straight from them...and they had some goodies!! So....Happy Valentine's Day, a day late. Enjoy these cute greetings and I'll post a couple more later when I get them scanned. Have a terrible cold, so I'll probably spend the day snoozin' on the couch or playin' on the computer...don't see myself accomplishing anything more than that with this nasty head cold. till later *elaine*

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