Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is popping out all over!!

Traditional, all over Florida Azalea
Caught a visitor on this magenta bush

Bush that almost died last year due to drought...coming back stronger!

Carolina Jessamine...a weed in Louisiana...but they smell SO good!

One lone Jessamine bloom that landed perfectly in the salmon azalea beneath the pine tree..

Last of the Camelias...this bush was so full in January I had to prop it up!

Spring arrived in full this week. We have had temperatures in the 80's all week, with nights in the high 50's and low 60's! It's been wonderful! Have all the windows thrown open wide, and every window I look out of, I can see a huge splash of Azalea color. The bushes themselves are not a thing of beauty...need to get a bit more serious about trimming when they are finished flowering...but the blooms have been great this year! I have several different colors in the yard, but I think my favorite has to be the deep magenta. My husband bought me 3 of those several years ago, and after almost loosing them to near drought conditions last year, they have rewarded us with fabulous color! so...while my creative mojo seems to be absent, I can at least share some spring color will all of you who are winter weary and ready for green shoots coming up through the snow! Enjoy! *elaine*


Marge said...

Gorgeous colors! I now have a bad case of flower envy.

Kudzu said...

hey,cool! we have the same blossoms on our posts :D It rained just as they started blooming,it's still raining, and I'm worried now they'll all be ruined. What happened? These all used to bloom just in time for Easter!