Saturday, March 28, 2009


Opened my mailbox last night and the sweetest little bluebird came flying out to say hello. Shara, over at Monkeybox, had a "Meme" giveaway awhile back, and this little bluebird is my gift from that. So...thank you Shara! The bird is really sweet and she has already made herself at home on my message board...junk board??... in my really messy "studio"...HAAA!!! I really need to get in here and clean stuff up...I have no room to create, 'cause of all the piles of stuff to create with! I had 2 gals respond to My Meme, and I have all the parts of my creations on my work table...just need to clear a spot so I can actually work on them! I have too much, can never have too much junk....right??!!?? LOL Have a great weekend, all *elaine*


Sher said...

What a cute little bluebird! I love bird "anythings"! The pictures of the shuttle are great - thanks for posting them!

SweetAnnee said...

It's a sweet lil guy..
and I think I DO have too much junk honey..
Want me to send you some??