Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from Georgia!!

Cut pink pig sculpture in Marietta...couldn't quite figure out how to get him in my suitcase...not even sure if he was for sale!!
Town Square, Marietta GA...all decked out for Flag Day. The fountain was one of the few we saw with water in it...still a bit of an H2O shortage there. This one uses reclaimed rainwater.

Skyline of downtown, just visible to the right of the construction crane. We had tremendous thunder & lightning storms Friday & Saturday night...but I can never click fast enough to catch the lightening.

Just some paper stuff that always seems to come home in my suitcase on every trip...making my own ephemera...I love that word! :}

The hotel where we stayed. Very, very nice place to stay, especially on the business expense account!! My budget runs more to Holiday Inn or even...Motel 6!!!

Hello! Actually got back home last Sunday, and have been in a blogging funk of massive proportions! I've been reading and lurking and commenting, but could not seem to get it together enough to do a new post. I'd blame it on jet lag...heehee...but it only took 63 minutes to go from Hartsfield to DAB! We think the pilot had the pedal to the metal, as there was a screaming 2 year old on the plane...2 rows behind me...arggghh!!! Anywho...I'm home. We had a great trip...quite a bit of work, but with a bit of fun mixed in whenever possible. Stayed at the fab Renaissance Waverly...very lux , with beds to die for!!! I'd like to check in another time and spend the whole weekend in one of their beds! The show didn't start til Friday night, so we had some time to play tourist. Went to Marietta on Friday, spent the whole day wandering this sweet little town...took the trolly tour(!)...went to the Gone with the Wind museum...did you know Margaret Mitchell was killed by a drunk off-duty cab driver while crossing the street?? All kinds of memorabilia, and little tidbits that you may or may not want to know about GWTW...but a neat little place. We shopped...there are antique stores galore, but I couldn't find one single junk shop...and ate...and made it back to the convention center just in time for the opening of the show. Worked HARD all day Saturday, and most of Sunday morning, and then it was back to the airport, and back to the real world once more. That's not such a bad place to be, though....glad to be home. 4 days go by so fast when you're somewhere else. I am happy to say that we're already planning next year's trip. Virginia Beach in 2010...with a hotel right on the beach...WooHoo...can hardly wait!! Didn't take a lot of pictures, but I'm sharing them with you all anyways...Have a great Sunday...and I'll be back soon with some of the neat junk I found Friday & Saturday. You know, I didn't see one yard sale sign the whole time we were in Georgia...what's up with that?? *elaine*


trash talk said...

I love that word too, just cannot pronounce it!
When we went to Atlanta a couple of years ago, we visited the Margaret Mitchell home(?) too. GWTW is my second favorite book, so naturally I had to go there.
Glad you are home all safe and sound!

Betty said...

Glad you had a nice time, welcome back.