Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors? Nope! Metal, Fabric, Glass!

Pyrex: .25 for the small, .50 for the large and they even match! Tins .50 each and the rusty green plant hook was free!
Nice, lightweight upholstry fabrics and I love the colors...$2.00 for all!

My $10.00 splurge...brand new...well worth it...and it looks awesome on the front of the barn, especially with the 4th of July right around the corner.

Almost forgot these 2 little guys...ok, they're not glass, but they are breakable and they were wrapped in a little piece of newspaper and stuck in the drink holder in the truck so they wouldn't break. .25 each and just too cute to pass up!

Finally got to go yard sale-ing on Friday & Saturday before going to work. Friday...slim pickins'...Saturday...many goodies! I seemed to be on a roll with all things metal,or fabric, or glass. No wood or baskets, no kids clothes or toys, no shoes, no plants...interesting morning. In all, I spent $14.50, with $10.00 of that going for the brand new flag I found at my 1st sale. Still in the sealed package. Looked at one at Lowe's last weekend, and they wanted $40.00 for the same flag. I needed a new one for the barn, but decided I needed the $40 in my pocket even more! So...all the rest of the junk only set me back $4.50...not a bad shopping trip. Went to work takes so little to make me happy! :} I love the pile of fabrics...great reds & blues & mustard-yellows. They're all lightweight upholstry fabrics, and I'm thinking some fresh new pillows for the couch, but kind of junkin' one solid pieces of fabric allowed! The Pyrex pieces were soooo cheap, I couldn't pass them up, even though we no longer have our re-sale space. We sold a ton of Pyrex at the shop last year! Doesn't take up that much space, so I'll just save for the fall, when we will hopefully find a new spot to sell our jun...errr...treasures! So, that's all for this weekend. Got to get out & get the grill going...hubby has requested a BBQ for Father's Day...AND a homemade cherry pie. I make lots of pies, but cherry is one I've never tackled. Made it this morning, and it's looking pretty darn good! I'll let you know how it tastes another time! I cannot believe I'm baking on one of the hottest days of the year...heat advisory and all...Lord, I must love that man! Have a great Sunday...see you all next week. *elaine*


trash talk said...

That's the only reason to bake a cherry pie!!!
Great finds. I never find anything at yard sales...I've just quit trying. That little pair of ducks is just too cute.

laurie magpie ethel said...

I see you have a jar of dice too!