Sunday, June 6, 2010

I won another giveaway!!!

 I think the storm clouds have passed and I can finally go online and show you my prize. Last week sometime, Deb a.k.a. Garage Sale Gal had a giveaway for her, follower? Damn CRS syndrom... I can't remember, but it was her 300th something! Anyway...Deb picked not 1, but 2 names, and MissElaineous me was one of them! So, I came home from work last night, in a not so good, very bad, terrible, horrible mood...with storm clouds & lightning chasing me all the way and didn't even stop at the mailbox. Got home and realized the rain had gone elsewhere, so I took a quick walk...still in a not great mood. Popped the box open, and these rays of sunshine just seemed to beam at me from the dim interior of the mailbox...a sunny yellow priority box just for moi...already my mood was improving.....I hurried home to open the package...and I've got to tell you...My bad mood evaporated like rain on the hot summer sidewalk!! This little box was filled to the brim with some of the sweetest little things ever! And, boy,was it filled...Deb sure knows how to pack a box of goodies. Sweet little card, sweet note and I just love the polka dot tissue...I seem to have developed a fondness for polka dots recently. :O} ...and under the tissue were bingo cards, and note cards, napkins, a gorgeous towel with huck weaving, tiny little parasols, buttons and other goodies galore! There's even a teeny little bag of glitter dusted shells. One of the last things in the box was the sweet little bluebird pair all snuggled up, beak to beak, wrapped in a pretty hankie. I had one very similar to this and sadly dropped it while dusting a couple months did not survive. This little pair now has a new home on a shelf with very special things on it, that I see every day. Thank you, Garage Sale Gal, for the thoughtful, happy package. I'm not in a bad mood any more! Have a great week, all. *elaine*


Kudzu said...

look at all those goodies...congratulations!
is it ever going to stop raining??



So glad it brighten your day. Would it be awesome if a package arrived everyday when we aren't having a good day!
Deb :)

Vintage Christine said...

There is nothing like getting a box of goodies in the mail, which is why we will always need snail mail (even though they do break stuff every once in awhile). All your stuff was great and of course the little birdies would put a smile on anyone's face. We've been getting pounded with rain down here--apparently the low has finally moved on but now we're getting record high heat!! said...


good stuff!
I hope the weather is not chasing you.
stay safe!

Barbara from Dorchester said...

Hi, I'm a lurker who loves your blog. Just commenting to suggest that you might want to blur out your address on the shipping carton. Barbara

misselaineous said...

Thanks for the comment, Barbara, re: shipping address. I think sometimes, that I forget that it's not the gentler times I grew up in, when we didn't have to think about things such as this. Thanks for the heads up, and for reading my blog. Have a great week *e*

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