Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I had a stump....

About a year and a half ago, I had a huge pine tree that had been hit by lightning cut down. When Dallas, the tree guy, was cutting I requested that he leave a good height stump. For the memories, you know? So, I had a stump. I also have a strange thing about galvanized metal things. Things like buckets and wash tubs...turns out I have 3 wash tubs {that's officially a collection, right?}. So, I had a stump and I had a wash tub...or 3...What to do with these 2 odd things? That was easy. Nail the tub to the stump and fill it up with lots of color! Went to Lowe's last night after work, as a customer tipped me off to the fact that Monday is when they usually mark down the plants that are not so perfect anymore. They had 5 huge rolling carts filled with all kinds of plants...all 1/2 price. Score! I like instant color, but I love 1/2 price!! Came home from work tonight and thanks to the time change, was able to fill the tub before the sun went down and grab a couple quick pictures. So now I have "stumptub", and I think once the plants adjust to their new home, they should thrive. I love this time of year in Florida. Spring right around the corner, and no need for the A/C yet. Oh...and some great news...the barn is back on track!!! The electric will be put in next Thursday, and then we can finally finish off the inside. My son is really tired of sleeping on my sewing room floor {can't imagine why. it's only been 18 months!} A lot of stuff has gotten in the way...my carpenter has cancer, my electrician is getting a divorce, and my bank account sprung a leak. :o} So, I'll keep posting and maybe real soon we can have a blogger barn warming!! Thanks for reading. I'll be back. *e* PS I guess blogger still doesn't understand me! Why can I never get my pictures in the correct order? arrghh!!!


gail said...

I love a great deal too! :)
Those flowers will fill in quickly!
happy to hear from you e!

ps you should blog in windows live writer! you will love it! promise!

gail said...

check out that post. I can't find your email address. If you have questions, email me and I'll help ya out!

time worn interiors said...

Glad to see you are back!

Love you stump flower pot holder!


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If you have questions, email me and I'll help ya out!

time worn interiors said...
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