Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whoa! I have comments!!

Started this "wannabe" blog back in July, not really knowing what on earth to do with it...gave it a neat title, and proceeded to post stuff that had nothing to do with junkin'. Didn't even know that other people could, or would, access this teeny internet space by clicking on my name...still a little DUH when it comes to techno stuff. SOOO...imagine my surprise when I found I had 2 comments from last year that I had never even looked at ! Sorry, folks! New year, new ideas...and I promise to post some pics of my treasures, of which there are many... every time I bring home something new, my husband of 34 years says, " So now we're complete?" Gotta love him...that's him, btw, under the rainbow on our lake in the previous post. Will search the "archives" for pics I've already uploaded...or is that downloaded? I can never remember which is what! Note to self...need to carry my digital camera with me on my junkin' trips...then maybe I can get a shot before lugging the booty to the work shed...or up in the barn...or fitting it into it's new home inside... or pricing it for resale @ my little space I share w/best friend Steph...the same one who moved from Mass in July! We're off to the Flea Market on Wed...with our "old woman" cart that somehow always manages to end up full, even on a slow day!!! Okay...so there's a couple pics of my "junk". More to follow...have a great day..And I'm sneaking in just 1 pic of my sweet granddaughter..my Zoombrowser's full of 'em!!


oliveoyl64 said...

I found you through Robomargo and love the pics of your "junk". I am not a frequent poster on my blog either.
Hope to see more posts of your cool junk.

jennifer said...

love the sink

Kari & Kijsa said...

Here's to more comments and a great new blogging year!!!

kari & kijsa