Saturday, January 26, 2008

A week of FINDS!!!

This whole week has been a week of really awesome vintage finds! Starting Monday @ my GW...bought 2 semi-old Chinese Checker games, cause I like the graphics & I collect marbles...went to put the marbles in zip bags in my truck, cause the rolling sound while driving was driving me nuts, & found that most of the plain ol' marbles had been replaced w/ really cool marbles. Then went to 2 sales on Thursday, and 2 on Friday and found all of these vintage finds for cheep..cheep..cheep!! Pyrex sugar & creamer, cute little Homer Laughlin sugar bowl, gravy boat & 5 of the old books all @ one. Took the stuff up to the elderly lady having the sale and she says "1.00...for everything" & proceeds to wrap it all up! I gave her $2.00. to cover all the wrap she used! The other books came from 1 Thurs sale, for .25 each...and the really neat wood wine crate came from the curb!! Also in the same pile, found a wood framed humongous mirror w/ plate glass that must weigh 50 lbs!, and 1 framed oil or acrylic that will come out of it's "fugly" frame & go to my resale space. Will take & post pics of those as soon as I can get them out of my truck! All in all, a very good week, with very little $ spent. Planned on NO sales today, but there's 1 @ the local firehouse...gotta support the locals, right??!!?? Later! ...One more DGD pic to sneak in...we had bfast tog Fri AM, & this kid is just so darn sweet in the morning...Mommy & Daddy are night owls, but this one is a morning person all the way...kid after my own heart!! Oh, wait, she's already got that!!!!

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