Monday, January 28, 2008

My New Year work-in-progress

So...Christmas projects had totally trashed my sewing/scrappin'/crafting/techno room...the east wing, as my DH affectionately refers to's on the east end of our grand 1972 single wide mobile home!! Decided for the new year of creating that I needed to reorganize...well, of course, reorganizing turns into redecorating, and cleaning and painting..etc..etc..and January's almost gone and I have yet to craft, create or scrap a single thing!! My huband wants to know if I'm ever coming out of my room...I say "yes, but watch out, cause then I'll probably start working on the kitchen", and that will affect him's heart, stomach thing you know what I mean :o} " I have one thing left to paint ( w/ my $2 mistint green) and that's my work table...may only do the front for now..but that will probably bug the crap out of me, knowing the back's not done :o} guess I'll need to do the whole thing...wonder how many mammoth dust bunnies I'll unearth when I move that??!!! So, it's Monday, and I have to work, can't paint I'm off to the local I really need to add anything else..have a great Monday folks..see ya !!


oliveoyl64 said...

Oh wow, your stuff is organized. I am getting there, but slowly. IF I ever get it organized to my liking, I will post pics.

I love all the ball jars with odds and ends. I collect(hoard) buttons and old wooden spools.

I just recently started glittering....what a mess.

Wanda said...

How inspiring! I love your collections and they hold all the little bits and bobs so well. Makes me want to tackle my craft room/bedroom. I do think I'll for sure use the ribbon on a string at the store.