Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog Awards...finally....drumroll, please!!

  • I know I said I'd be back last week with my list of 10 bloggers to pass these 2 awards on to. The week kind of got away from me, so here I am, finally with my list. Not easy to pick 10...I have so many favorites! To these 10 bloggers...thank you for making me smile...or laugh...or even cry with your posts. You inspire and amaze me with all your talent! Now you need to pass this on to 10 of your favorites, and tell us 10 things about yourself that we may not know. 1. Sharon @ Sweet Repose 2. Sue @Vintagesue 3. Shara @ Monkeybox 4. Sher @ Old Time Me Artist aka Grinnin Grandma 5. Ki @ Junk Camp 6. Cherry @ Bits & Pieces 7. Lulu & Laurie @ 2 Chippy's 8. Margo @ Margo's Junkin' Journal 9. Sue @ Vintage Rescue Squad and last, but not least, Debbie @ Talking Trash (back at ya, girl) Gonna end this right here, as blogger is giving me fits this morning, and I don't want to drive myself totally nuts!! I'll be back later with the shots of my shed, reorganization.... Have a great Sunday morning!! PS I don't quite understand the "linky thing" , but you can check out any of these great blogs from my sidebar. They're all there!! *elaine*

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Kudzu said...


Thank you for passing along the awards to me :D I hope I can live up to it :D *blush*