Sunday, May 31, 2009

Junk shed explosion.... far as my eyes could see!
Inside...during reorganization...whoops! Buried the washer...again!

Cool junk...I forgot I had that little red table! Oh, and that adorable child size folding chair...still needs a seat!

New least now I can see what's there!

My little work area...I can actually find a phillip's head screwdriver!! I'll show you all the goodies in that old muffin tin in my next post...junk heaven!!

Well, it didn't really explode, but my hubby said that was what the back yard looked like when I got this out-of-the-blue burst of energy on Memorial Day. Actually on Sunday, I had to get a suitcase and a potty chair out of the shed, and risked life & limb to do so! The suitcase was W-A-Y in the back and I thought I could just dig down to it...yeah, right! The piles started to shift and slide, so I grabbed the case and slammed the door...until Monday morning when hubby asks "Are you doing laundry today?". Long story short, I headed out to the shed with said laundry in basket, and opened the door , only to be reminded that I could not get to the washer! Damn!!! was either reorganize the shed, or toss in one short stick of dynamite! Within 15 minutes it looked like my shed had exploded, spewing furniture and junk all over the yard! Spent 3 hours emptying, tossing and restacking, while along the way getting reaquainted with some pretty neat things that I had totally forgotten of the bad parts of being a packrat AND getting older, you forget what you've dragged home! Took a whole load of stuff to Goodwill on Tuesday , and put out a pretty good pile by the side of the road for trash day on Wednesday. My hubby was impressed, although he still thinks there's way too much stuff in the shed....but hey, it's my shed and now I even have a place to work on some little projects...I'm impressed!! I found all kinds of neat little things that were tucked here and there, and I can hardly wait for my next day off so I maybe can actually create something instead of just messes! Hope you had a great weekend...bye for now. *elaine*


svelteSTUFF said...

I LIKE 'The Shed'! Our answer to the 'Man Cave' 8-)

Carole said...

Love that little red table!

Tootsie said...

wow! I love the junk in your shed! I so wish I had one like that...mine is full of "man crap"

JunkinJane said...

What a great inventory of junk! I am so jealous!!!

Sweet Repose said...

Girl, you have not seen my partner's garage...yours is pristine compared to hers. I guess I'm lucky, I don't have a garage or a shed, just a studio in my house(spare bedroom) where I groom the dogs and paint in the winter, though sometimes it gets rather crowded when I catch a good sale, but I try to move it out ASAP...been there with the garage scene...that's too much work!!!



Hi Junk Friend !!
Love your shed and now that you have it "organized"...come over and help me!! The garage is full of things for the 2 "booth" that I sell room for the Jeep..
Deb :)

Sue said...

Isnt it great when you find another junker!!! In this case, you found me, thankyou, and Im following you now too! If only I had a shed like yours, I dont have a garage either, so my junk is spread all over my verandahs!

junkermidge said...

I'm impressed,too. What a great pile of junk. I'm sure people must think I've had explosion problems when they see my stuff.
But isn't that a great way to mine for treasure (forget all that panning business).