Friday, May 22, 2009

Ten Things About Me...

  1. In 6 months, I will be...OMG...55!! Isn't that just a number on the speed limit sign?? I know they say you're only as old as you feel...and age is just a number... and all that other stuff...but some mornings I look in the mirror (note to self...don't look before coffee!!) and I see the wrinkles and the not-so-brown hair and think "What the heck happened!!"
    2. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I was born on Thanksgiving eve...weighing in at a svelte 10 pounds and change...sorry Mom!! So, Mom always called me, fondly I like to think, her Thanksgiving turkey. What I really like about it is that every 6 or 7 years my birthday falls on the same day. This whole turkey thing has given way to a batch of new junk...i LOVE turkey plates, and old chalk ware turkeys, and have a nice assortment of vintage turkey planters...guess when that number went over 12 it became an official collection!! Gobble, Gobble!!
    3. I live in jeans...maybe a holdover from my "old hippie days"or just because I really like denim. I like it new, or old and faded and patched, straight leg, boot cut, shorts or skirts...I just like jeans. Fortunately my job allows me to wear whatever I like, except shorts, so it's jeans and T's or funky Hawaiian print shirts. I'll never be a "fashion diva"...give me comfort any day!
    4. I love to curb shop. In a previous post I blamed my Mother for this quirk...but I think I have to take responsibility for this all on my own! I cannot drive down a street on trash day without scoping out the piles! On Monday, I make sure the back of the Blazer is clear of junk...just in case I find a big treasure! I know I embarrassed my sons when they were younger by pulling up to a promising pile a block from school...and my sweet hubby definitely does not understand. With all the "Going Green" going on in the world now, I think I'm actually being a responsible re-user!!
    5. My favorite food for the midnight munchies has got to be "Moosetracks" ice cream. Love it!! Have to buy it in small cartons, cause I don't even bother with a bowl. Don't want to be accused of eating a whole half gallon while watching reruns of Law and Order at 12 AM !!!
    6. I adore the beach, but I don't like to swim in the ocean. I'll walk for miles at the edge of the water... sit for hours soaking up the sunshine and watching the waves crash on the shore...but swimming? Nope...not happening! This has actually developed as I've gotten good explanation that I can think of...fear of sharks or jelly fish? Maybe it's fear of the dreaded bathing suit! HAHHH!
    7. I've never been out of the US...unless you count 2 very brief visits to Canada. I would love to go to Italy (hubby's Italian) and eat my way through every region. Love Italian cooking!!
    8. I am married to a carpenter, but like the shoemakers children who go barefoot, I live in a mobile home. I'm not a big fan of manufactured housing, but buying our property during a recession dictated our decision. We still dream about building a cute little house on the lake, but now we're in another recession...depression??!!? On the back burner once again.
    9. I'm secretly (not any more!) in love with Keith Urban. I know... he's young enough to be my son, but hey, a girl can dream can't she? If I was 20 years younger I would give Nicole Kidman a run for her...Oh who am I kidding? I just love his music, his guitar playing, his energy on stage...the wrist tatoo...oh get over it Elaine!!
    10. My ultimate dream...the big one on the bucket to win the lottery..quit my a camper and just take off across the country. My hubby and I did a cross country trip, in a VW bus, in the 70's and it was one of the best times in my life. Meeting new people and waking up in a different place every day...just the freedom and experiences we had along the way makes me want to do it again!
    So, that's my 10 things about to be the longest post I've ever written! My 2 typing fingers are tired and my eyes are my list of 10 favorite blogs will have to wait till tomorrow. I'm off to rummage around the freezer. I know there's a pint of Moosetracks in there somewhere!! *elaine*


trash talk said...

From one old hippie to another, I love it! If you're going the speed limit, I just a little faster.
You are lucky your mom didn't call you her little butterball. 10 lbs...I guess so. And as far as being a fashion diva, honey, we all are! Fashion isn't what we wear, it's all in how we wear it. Attitude, baby, attitude!
What do you say you grab ol' Keith and I'll grab ol' Harry, we'll kick those two skinny wenches to the curb and we'll just have us a double wedding? Sound like a plan?
I love learning little secrets about people!

svelteSTUFF said...

My B-day is right around Thanksgiving too - but it has had the opposite effect on me! I have a definite aversion to everything 'Thanksgiving'!! Turkey is NOT a desirable food (nor jelly cranberry crap!), Love my family dearly - but, sitting down to a lengthy 'formal' meal with them is not my choice of ways to spend MY day!! ...although I DO love lounging in my jammies all morning, with a big blanket, watching the Macy's Parade!!!