Friday, February 1, 2008

Ground Hog Day disaster...1 year later

Today is the first of February...where did January go?...and tomorrow will be a blue day here in our little community. It will be the one year anniversary of the tornado that swept through here, destroying all in it's path, killing 13 people and shattering lives. After one year, we still have people living in FEMA trailers. Some have built small site built homes, others are in larger double-wides, and others have put their land up for sale, vowing to never return. Saturday night, at 6pm, we will have a memorial service for those who died that day, and we will all relive the fear and pain that came from the sky with no warning...and we will cry and comfort those who lost sons & daughters, mothers & fathers, and we will move on once again, because that's what we do. I will place 13 roses at the site of this small memorial, one for each life lost, and pray that we will never wake up to the devastation that we witnessed one year ago. I'll hug and laugh with Nellie and Ed, the elderly couple who lost their home that sad day... Nellie stood in the front yard where their house used to be, in her bathrobe, with cuts and scratches on her face...and said to the reporters.."t'aint nuthin but and Ed and my sister are all okay...can we help any one else?" What a lady!! Don't know if I could have been that calm, or accepting...and I hope I will never have to find out. Our home was 1 block away from the tornado zone, and we were never touched. So, while I pray for those lost neighbors, I will also say another prayer of thanks for our blessings that day. Thank you, Lord, and give us the strength to help our neighbors once again tomorrow. We still need your blessings.

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