Monday, February 11, 2008

Cheeep Sales and more Goodies!

Another good weekend for sales...went to 2 on Friday, not advertised but lots of cool stuff. Guy had a garage full of goodies, all marked $1, .50, kind of prices! Got all the stuff in 1st picture for 3.25...second sale was an ongoing moving sale...found the cool wood vintage frame, with a tag that says "Loves Defiance"..$1.50, & a wood needle case & pack of old needles for .25 each. I collect old sewing stuff, so was happy with those finds. Saturday, hit a benefit rummage sale, & found all the stuff in second picture for $2.00! Some things are destined for the re-sale space, others I'll have to keep! I'm distressing the small frames, & doing little assemblages with old scissors, trim, fabric & buttons etc. I'm thinking of putting these for sale on Etsy...have signed up for that, but have never tried selling anything. It's a new's time to try some new things!! Hit the local GW this AM...for $5 got a vintage Yahtzee game, w/ Bakelite dice, a memory board that needs re-doing, and a cute wood snowman for next Christmas...can't seem to stay away from these places! Is this an obsession, or a harmless past time???! Happy Monday, folks. See you again soon! Oh...the last pic is my cabinet of old sewing stuff...this was taken before I started re-doing that room, but the inside of the cabinet remains the same...I got tired of dusting all the stuff, and found this old kitchen cabinet for $10...perfect storage & display! Love the chippy old paint, too...e


Anonymous said...

This is great news for
Pic Frames and posters. There is huge sale going on sales for picframes. I must visit this place for weekend sales.

oliveoyl64 said...

I am with you on the cheap prices. I have a hard time paying more than $1 for anything.

You got some cool stuff.

Wanda said...

Goodness! You did good last weekend. How about this weekend. Was it as good?

I collect sewing stuff too, but don't have nearly as much. I don't think. It's all packed away right now. I don't have a cool cabinet to display it in. I do love the collage with the little strawberry emery hanging from the top. I love the fabric the strawberry is made with.