Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cool stuff...One sale...

Only got to one church rummage sale on Saturday...been going to this one for years, & word must have gotten out re: all the good stuff, cause the place was packed!! Could not even get into the parking lot..had to park on the street..worth the hassle, tho...found this awesome Skyway train case, $5, before I even went inside. Have had a fondness for old luggage for years, and this one just kind of jumped into my arms as I walked by! Got inside and decided this would be my only stop before heading off to the real job...tons of stuff on tables, but even better, tons of unpacked stuff in boxes under the tables!! I love to rummage in boxes! Takes time, but is usually worth it. Found all the goodies & pieces of goodies in various boxes...Dept. 56 ornies that I would never buy new, but @ .10 each, I'll have no problem pulling them apart & reusing the neat pieces. OH, almost the train case I found a teeny, tiny perfume bottle (empty) & a teeny, tiny tube of Carter's Little Pills (not empty). The labels are so funny...perfume was TIANNE..eau du Nettie Rosenstein...WHO??!! The pill bottle is TOO much..."relieves the following symptoms when due only to...constipation. Sluggishness..Bloated feeling...Headache...and Nervousness" HUH??!! So, if you had a headache, or heaven could only take "1-3 pills" if your symptom came from constipation?? ROFLMAO!! Happy Sunday, folks..sorry for the fuzzy's early & I guess I needed 1 more cup of coffee before I started w/ the camera!

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Wanda said...

Oooo! That sounds like my kind of sale!

Carter's Little Pills. I remember them from my childhood. I remember their ads. I always associated them with The Carter Family. When I thought of the pills, I thought of the Carters. Not that we listened to The Carter Family or had the Little Pills around. They just shared a name. Hmmmm. My mind still works like that.