Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!!

Last day of February in Central Florida, and after 2 nights of unexpected frost, spring is definitely upon us. Lowe's garden center is bursting with flowers of every description, the azaleas are in bloom everywhere, and people are out in their yards with that look on their know the look...what should I plant over here...and look at the flowers on that plant...and what outside project can I do today...that look. I cannot seem to walk outside without feeling the urge to grab a rake, or a trowel or the pruning shears! Started a project on Sunday that's a work in progress. Had a "path to nowhere " through my front garden area that was looking pretty rough...reclaimed some great flagstone pavers a few months ago, and decided to redo the path with the pavers, brick and pink granite chips, with landscape cloth under all to slow down the constant weeding. Easier said than done, and after 2 full days of prying up the old stuff, I only have half of it done. It's gonna look great when it's finished, but that darn real job of mine keeps getting in the way!! Hope spring is heading your way soon...enough of that ol' ice & snow!!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh look at your lovely garden walk..and fleurs
we have sNOw on the ground..New from last night..
Gosh I can't wait for Spring..I just love to see a lil
green peekin up ..
hugs and smiles to you
Life is Good, Drink it UP

Wanda said...

Are those pictures of your path? It must be lovely! We're about in full spring here in Alabama, too. I don't have time to think about the yard, though. Maybe next spring.

Greg said...

Looks like you're the one who got spring started on The Blogs!! And you've not posted in a while, does that mean the convergence of Gardening Season and Garage Sale Season has kept you away?