Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thrift Shop "Treasures"

Cool red faucet handles for a new project!
Textiles for my bag on- going project that I can't share just yet....

Wood for a sign for a friend and one for a Father Christmas base. The gerbil feeder will be repurposed for a hummingbird feeder using a vintage bottle....

My biggest stencil set yet...5" tall from the late 50's and never used! It takes so little to make me smile!!!

This was the basket of stuff...junk...from the one thrift...$3 and change, including the basket...the faucet handles came from Habitat...different stop...for .25 each....

Hit my favorite thrift shop on Monday morning, and was not at all dissapointed! Our local yard sales have still been kind of sad, and I'm wondering if people just aren't understanding the kind of junk I look for...which is fine with me...means I find even more goodies in the sale leftovers at the thrifts on Monday, or gasp...even in the curbside piles I've been checkin' out...don't tell my husband, okay? It's in my blood, dang it!! My mother & I, when we lived in Massachussetts 40 some odd years ago, used to go out on "patrol" in her black 'n white Chevy station wagon, looking for chairs that she could re-cane the seats of, or other wood pieces she could refinish . How I loved those evenings when she'd say, "Get your coat and your boots on...we're goin' for a ride!!" Thanks for the sweet memories, Mom...and for the junkin' pack-rat gene as well! Any way....did I get off on a tangent, or what?? So here are the goodies from the one thrift, plus and this time I'm going to try to get captions under the photos for clarification...if I can! Have a great weekend! *elaine*


Sweet Repose said...

ranesMy poor Grandson used to live with me when he was little, now at 21, he still remembers hiding in the back seat, as Grammy pulled over at every junk heap on the road...ha!

When I lived in Lake Placid, I had the cutest retro trailer in a retirement park, but at age 54(I lied) probably the youngest tenant there, I had an old washtub fountain in my yard with the coolest goldfish in it, but it was sorly frowned upon by the rest of the tenants(older than dirt)...the cement lawn jockies and various cheesy pieces of trash old people put in their yards was fine, but my piece of art had to go.

But don't let the snow stop ya, I'd gladly set my bike up in Florida anyday, as to deal with these troublesome snows...brrrrr!

Keep on trashin'!!! Sunday I'll post my scores from my cabin fever escapades antiqueing.

Do we love the hunt...dern tootin'!


Kudzu said...

What a haul! Whatcha gonna make out of those faucet handles,hmm??? I'll be keeping my eyes out for it!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Elaine, thank you so much for the sweet comments you have left on our blog. Once again we have been blessed with yet another sweet blog friend. And I am in love with those faucet handles. I think you need to pack those up and send them to me. We have the same taste. Thank you for the time and attention. Lauri @ chippys