Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cool finds of the New Year

Yard sales have been woefully sad this new year, but the thrifts seem to be picking up! Hit one of my favorites Monday AM, & was rewarded for my early arrival. I know Christmas is over, but no one told this sweet little family of Japanese snowmen...do they do snowmen in Japan? The Papa is the biggest @ a mere 2" tall, and he came with his wife & son & daughter...for .50! I grabbed a shopping basket, something I seldom do @ this TS, but I was afraid I'd drop one of these little guys on the floor. Glad I did. At the end of 15 minutes, had a whole basket of goodies, and a 3.00 and change total at the register. Needed a new pastry cloth...still make my own pie crust...and this one even came with a rolling pin cover. The "paper" apron cracked me up, especially when you read where it was made! Typo, or is there a place called Chian that I've not heard of?? Was this made to be worn over the short-lived paper dresses of the 60's?? The rusty keys, sadly no skeletons, and the teeny little pony shoe will be used in an upcoming craft. Since I stopped smoking...13 days ago...TaaDaah...I seem to have tons more energy and my brain seems to be coming back on-line, creatively. Now, if I just stop sleeping , maybe I'd have more time to create all this things swirling in my brain!! Scratch that..I get too damn cranky with too little sleep. I've saved $40 by not smoking for 13 days, so I'm treating myself, & best friend Steph, to Renninger's Antique EXTRAVAGANZA this Friday! I've not been there in forever, and it's supposed to be really cold {20's...BBRRRBbRRr!} on Friday, but we're both from Massachussetts and we're really excited about it! I know I still have a pair of gloves here somewhere, and 1 remaining winter coat ...1400 dealers are calling!!! Can hardly wait!! There also may be a little surprise there on Friday, but that's all I'm saying for now. Don't want to jinx it...my luck has not really been the greatest lately...bring on the JUNK!! See ya'll soon! *elaine*


trash talk said...

Great finds. That's too funny about "Chian"! Bundle up good this weekend and have a great time. Sounds like the only smoke you'll be blowing out will be from the cold. lol! Debbie

Kudzu said...

Love your goodies! I've been looking for another small horse shoe to make one of the Unicorn Shoes like someone made on Garden Web.( I think it was PurpleMoon?) And you can't beat the price!
Congratulations on not smoking, I wish I could be that strong myself!
Is it okay to mention my "I-Heart-You" blog give away in honor of my 50th birthday and our wedding anniversary? Enter by signing up on the "I - <3 - U" post! Winner chosen on January 23rd :D Thanks so much, Kudzu