Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Old you have one??

Is this her???

All this stuff, & I went out and bought more!!
You tell 'em, Maxine!!

I've spoken to several women recently, and we're discovering that there is an old woman who is slowly moving into our homes. Maybe you've seen her....she's the one who hides the Christmas cards that you bought for 75% off at last year's after Christmas sale. She's the one who makes you forget what you went into the kitchen or upstairs for. When she's really misbehaving, she'll try to make you forget why you went into the darn bathroom!! She'll hide your glasses, your car keys & anything else that you're going to need when you head out the door in the morning...and she'll never even apologize for hiding those things in the freezer! Case in point...last year I went to Dallas, and while packing, started to look for the small sample size toothpaste, deoderant etc. that I KNEW I had! I looked every where...finally gave up, and went to CVS to buy more. Fast forward to this morning...I'm vacuuming & dusting the bedroom...go to move a large lidded 3 gallon crock , and am thinking it's a little heavy. Pop off the lid, and yup! you guessed it, there are all my sample size things including all the cool little Burt's Bees stuff, and even the clear bag I bought when the airport security was beefed up years ago. I KNOW I didn't put this stuff in that crock... so it has got to be that old woman!! Steph & I had a good laugh about this today, and decided that we need to make a list of where we put what, and then each give our list to the other . That way if the list gets lost, we have another old woman to blame it on!! LOL Happy Sunday *elaine*


Marge said...

For a few years now we've had, according to my DH, a man living in our basement that hides DH's tools. They are never where they are supposed to be. Maybe this man is related to your old woman!

trash talk said...

Whew, that's a relief. I thought the old woman was me or at worst, C.D. trying to drive me crazy. Now I know I just have an unwanted guest and I think her name is Wheredidyouput! Cute post. Debbie

sweetpea said...

Hi Elaine! Glad you recently discovered my blog and so sorry we didn't meet at Renninger's! I also missed Ki but did meet Sue at Marburger in Texas. Hey just wanted to let you know I am having a fab home sale soon and if you gals want to come just contact me via my blog or email me.

Happy Junkin!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

OMG, I am so glad to know this. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm going to kick her out, when I find her. Lauri @ chippys

Sweet Repose said...

Things like going into the shower with your glasses on or finally finding your car keys after 3 weeks of searching and they were in the hidden pocket of your coat all along, you know the one you checked fifteen times, then one day you have an epiphany...they were there all along...

I'll be 60 this summer, that ol' woman better get her ducks in a row, know what I mean...ha!