Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello... 2009!!!

So, last year I kept saying's gonna be great! This year, I am trying very hard not to do any obvious rhymes for 2009...2008 started out great & ended up being a pretty terrible, horrible no-good year for so many people & their families. My heart goes out to the folks who have lost jobs & homes & hope...also my prayers & my belief that things can & will get better. I ended off my old year by beginning my third attempt to quit smoking, in as many years. I'm not a stupid individual by any means, and I know how bad it is, but I also know how hard it is to stop. So, any of you who may read this, and have any good advice for making it stick this time, post it here! It's been 4 days of semi cold- turkey, and I'm feelin' okay....but then again the sky hasn't fallen yet, this week, which seems to happen quite often in my sometimes dysFUNctional family!! I'm saying semi cold-turkey because I'm only using the patch during work hours. I work in a very small, very busy sorority/fraternity shop, and my boss really frowns on my dragging customers into the back room or using my sometimes sarcastic, non-nicotined sense of humor on customers that may piss me off!!! I can't imagine why, but I guess I'll have to follow her rules... I've worked for the same great lady for 17 years, so I really don't want to piss her off!!! And she just happens to be one of those people you love to hate...she quit 10 years patch, no bitchin' & has never looked back! I am in awe!!! Okay...enough of the smokin' stuff. I'm ending this post with some favorite Christmas stuff that got put away today, and for some reason, I felt like I would really miss them until next here are a couple of my faves...until next week, or the sky falls...Happy New Year!!! Bring on 2009....I think I'm ready!!! *elaine* PS The Father Christmas was made by moi...12 years ago. I made them for 5 or 6 years and sold all but this guy. He was still sitting in the shop on Christmas eve, and I brought him glad I did as that was the last year of production! The tiny little nativity was found, for .25, @ a yard sale the day before Christmas...who has a yard sale the DAY before Christmas!!??? Even worse, who GOES to a yard sale on their way home from work on Christmas eve??!!! I do..I do, apparently! The nativity is the size if a deck of cards, made in Japan, and the tiny figures are so sweetly painted...I just love it! I had to re-moss the roof, and also added the star...the extent of my "crafting" for December 08...told ya it's been a rough year!! :o}


SweetAnnee said...

a yard sale on christmas eve
what a way to find a bargain

Your crafting was just a bit less than
mine this year..but there's always next
..woops.. this year

Happy 2009

Greg said...

A yard sale on Christmas eve can satisfy some last minute shopping needs...

Love the tiny nativity - what a find and on Christmas eve!

You should visit and register at!!! This website was immensely helpful in my keeping the quit so far (about 180 days to date!). Good luck...keep your quit!!

Kudzu said...

Love the photographs of sunset. Good luck on your trying to quit smoking...I've tried many times,too! LOL, I don't know that I'd HOST a yard sale Christmas Eve, but if I passed one, I'd stop! I once bought a huge garbage bag of sewing things just to get the tiny little bone Nativity in it :D It was the tiniest little thing,nothing over an inch tall!