Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seven Days of Thankful...Day 2

Sunday...November 22nd...I am thankful for my husband, Joe. We met in 1972, the fall after graduation, and I was not quite 17! Okay...that just made me feel really old! After 2 years together, we were married in 1974 and are still together after 35 years. We have had our ups & downs, good times & bad and there are times that we wonder how we made it this far! Love is a crazy thing, and that is one thing that still keeps us together. He is my best friend, plain & simple. He's there for me no matter what and understands me when I don't even understand myself. I love you, Joe! Thanks for being you. *elaine*


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

awww how sweet. We have a similiar story, and we have been married 36 years! Gotta love a guy who hangs with us through thick and thin ;-)

Marge said...

It is so very nice to read someone else speak from the heart of their longtime love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Marge & Ron - 35 years and counting!

ANITH [天使空] said...

That is so cool !
You are so lucky..
Sorry, just random visit.. ^^