Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seven Days of Thankful....Day 7

Okay I blame my total loss of memory on too much turkey?....that I turned 55 last Tuesday?...a senior moment????? I totally, completely forgot Day 7 of my seven days of thankful...where is my brain?!!!??? I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point. Sunday, November 29th, I am thankful for all of you! Yes, you!! For all of the funny, creative wonderful people I have met in my 2 years of blogging...Thank you all for being you! When I started this blog, I had no idea what or why I was doing...turns out that wasn't really very important. I have 50 followers and others who read my ramblings and take time out of their busy lives to leave comments, and that still amazes me! When I'm feeling down or out of sorts or just stressed, I can read what you all are doing, and it turns my day around. So thank you all!! Keep on really do make a difference! Have a Happy Sunday, and bring on's coming...ready or not!!! *elaine*


Betty said...

Hi elaine. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I love coming to read your latest posts, and I'm so thankful I found you as a blog friend. Have a great day. Hugs,Betty

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy, happy birthday! Congrats on turning double nickels. Now you can get a senior coffee at McDonalds. Well there has to be some advantages, right?


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Elaine! Did you say last Tuesday? My birthday too! We're birthday buddies!! and just to make you feel a little better...I'm just a tad older!
:) Laura

one gal's trash said...

Elaine! Happy Birthday!
I so wanted to get a tree this weekend, but I was voted down by the family. "Mom, it's not even December yet!" Please don't confuse me with the facts.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Love your blog, you have the cutest header!
Thank you so much for entering my giveaway, best of luck!

SweetAnnee said...

I too am VERY thankful for all the blogger friends out there..whom I have come to treasure..
I'll be double nickels in April..eeekk

Happy Holidays to you

Junk Exchange said...

lol! you are funny ..

i know about those senior moments ..

thank you for choosing to foller our blog and commenting ..

troy & rod

Kudzu said...

I'm so glad to have met you Elaine! I love your blog and and all your pictures!

Carole said...

Happy (very belated) birthday.

I recognize some of those vintage glass ornaments in that picture. I've collected old ornaments off and on for years now. Though some of them now only have the remnants of color they used to, as the silver has all fallen away over the years. I still love the shapes and keep them anyway. Some day maybe I'll paint them with glass paints. In the condition they are they certainly aren't worth anything anymore.

I hope you've been having a good December.

kanishk said...

I'm so thankful I found you as a blog friend. Have a great day
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