Sunday, August 16, 2009

L*O*N*G Sunday multi-purpose post...

Blogger finally updated...after 2 days of "old news"... I was able to read today & check out everyone's great weekend finds! If we could get all of us together in one place for a sale, what a sale it would be!! Actually, that's part of the reason for today's post. My shed overfloweth, my barn is groaning and I'm almost feeling guilty going thrifting & sale-ing. Not a huge problem, but here is THE problem. When we lived in downtown Orlando, I would have a sale 2 or 3 times a year, and do really well $$-wise w/o even running a print ad. Now, we're out in the boonies and my last sale, after paying for the Pennysaver ad, netted me a whole $4, for all my time, sweat & backaches. Need I say, NOT worth it. Okay, so I keep reading about these "Occassional" sales, and I'm intrigued. Steph & I have great stuff to sell, but our last place of re-sale ended sadly with little profit & having to lug all the goodies home to be stored again. So...I'm asking for your comments, advice...whatever you can tell me that can help us figure out how to best approach & solve this dilemma. If your help seems too long for a comment, feel free to email We know a couple of antiques people that may be able to assist w/ a space, but I'm a little shy about approaching them. {I can hear my husband in the background saying..."YOU, shy?!!? HA!"} Any way, I'd love to hear what ya'll have to say ... My next part of this is to show off my "Old School" Vintage Back 2 School window that I put together for the shop I manage. We had a big Merchant Open House last night to welcome back our local university & try to get local school parents out of "Wallyworld" for at least a part of their back to school shopping. Also had a downtown Cruise-In for classic cars. And, if that wasn't enough, our local newly reno'd theater, "The Athens" was hosting a Woodstock 40th bash! All of this was under the heading of "HOT August Nights". We were all hoping for a great turn-out, and it was good, but the weather had other plans...Rain...Rain and then some more Rain...We were joking about doing the Woodstock chant of "No Rain. No Rain. etc" We all know how well THAT turned out! When it rains in Central Florida in the summer, it washes out outdoor events w/o a worry or care. On a happier note, my window was a huge hit, although my boss was a tad skeptical...she's still not sure of the appeal of cool old I'm slowly winning her over, either that or she's just tired of my yakkin' about cool old stuff. If you click to enlarge those pics, you can see how much stuff I lugged from home!! The 3rd, and final {I think} reason for today's ramble is to give a little hint of a new Monday post I'm going to start tomorrow, which, by the way is also our 35th anniversary. Joe & I were married in a beautiful little church in Marion Massachussetts on August 17, 1974. I'm going to try to find a pic that's not scrapbooked already, just to remind myself how incredibly young we were then. Okay...hint for the Monday post...I recently noticed I had a lot of a particular "thing" showing up in my yard. I started to take some pictures, and ended up with fodder for at least 10 posts, and that was just in the front yard! Last part of the starts with the letter "M". Actually there is a 4th reason for my Sunday ramble on... I noticed this morning that I am getting very close to my 100th post. Only took me 2 years to reach this lofty #! With all the talking I do, I should be closer to 200! Also, I saw that I now have 30{!!!!} followers! I'm in shock & awe!! I know there are plenty of blogs that have so many followers they can't count them all. I'm just thrilled that there are 30 folks out there that actually read my ramblings, check out the pics and are still interested enough to leave a comment. So...without too much fanfare, I will be having a giveback {yeah, I 'borrowed' that from some other blog, I just can't remember whose}. It may take a couple of weeks to reach 100, but rest assured, when I get a teeny bit closer, I will announce all the details. In the meantime, I have been wandering the house, & the barn & the shed in search of the perfect goodies. I think there will be more than 1 winner, mainly because I have so much!! I'm not gettin' any younger & it's really past time to lighten the load. I'd like to keep this giveback just for followers and folks I have "met" this past 2 years. Are you on my Morning Coffee bloglist?? Keep reading, okay? You read, and I'll keep "home shopping". This could be a lot fun! So...I think that's it for today...are you still with me? Tell me I didn't put you to sleep at your computer desk. I'm off to post some pics, probably in the wrong order :o}, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. I'll be back tomorrow with "M----- Monday" Joe & I are off to the beach early in the morning. That's one of our favorite places to be together, so seems fitting for our anniversary...can hardly believe that it's been 35 years, actually plus 2...we were together 2 years before we got hitched! Okay...that just made me feel ancient! Sorry about the crazy color combos...just felt like trying something different today! Wore a rainbow swirl tie dyed T-shirt for the open house last night, so it must be a residual effect from that! :o} Happy Sunday evening to ya'll...see you Monday! *elaine*


svelteSTUFF said...

LOVE your store windows!!
Yes, I am also a Sag. (11-27), so on random years we are both Turkey Babies!!

trash talk said...

Get outta town! August 10, 1973 is our date! I've been trying to find the photos of when we were young and beautiful too...where did I put those?
The occasional home sales are going to be the thing of the future for our business, in my humble opinion! I've got a few friends who do them here in Texas with much success. It takes a while to build up a following, but the payoff can be quite remarkable! If you decide to give it a go, contact your local paper and see if they would do a write up in the living section on it. Nothing piques interest more! Let me know how it goes.

~~Carol~~ said...

August 19th is our 20th anniversary! Goes by fast, doesn't it?!
I think the idea of having a BIG sale, a few times a year is a great idea! Have you tried advertising online, like on Craigslist? Or does your newspaper have an online version, where you can advertise? Around here, the Pennysaver is way too expensive, so it seems more people are using Craigslist and the online paper. There were none listed last week on the Psaver, and 7 online. Once you get a following for your sale, through word of mouth, it will become a much-anticipated event. I love these types of sales! Give it a try!
Oh, and I love the window you did!

gail@myrepurposedlife said...

first, let me say... happy anniversary! That is great!
can't wait for a giveaway.
I am a person who also has a lot of shade, and moss. I like moss. It doesn't do any good to NOT like it, cause it's here to stay!
I have some inventory that I'm feeling buried by, but I'm just waiting till fall, cooler weather!
As for the sales, I've only been to one. It was good. It was in a small town, and the whole town shuts down for it. It is not terribly expensive, and there are thousands of people that show up.
Do you have Craig's List?
take care, and thanks for following my blog!