Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Hippy-dippy , chippy 70's flower photo holder. Does the base of this look sort of like the bed spring things we seen recently? $1
Hippy, chippy flower holding, what else, hippy trading cards! Didn't know they existed! These were apparently freebies from some brand of cigarettes, cause there's one card that says "Smokin' Moments "..I kid you not! You can hack & cough at the Barbeque, or walking the dog, or my personal favorite...while on a hike!!! Hello...can you say defibrillator...STAT!!!

This is the stack of hacker's, and I've been one, collectors cards.$2 for the pack...cheaper than the smokes!! Click to enlarge and read the white one on top...13 of the best times to light up! Moving bout the Uncle Wiggley game pieces included, but I love the graphics!!! $1

Sweet little oranges mixing bowl...w/o my glasses I thought it was Universal pottery, with the glasses realized it's Made in Japan. Even better...$2 The tong thingie is Silverplate, but cute enough when semi-polished $1 Cute bright bandana .75

And last, but not least, is this awesome Moksha-Patamu game board...from pieces, but once again the black and white graphics rock!! $2 Apparently Moksha-Patamu is the great grandpa of our own Chutes & Ladders. The board does not fold, and I can't find a date, but for $2 it made my morning. Miss Priss Fish is not impressed, but she's cute anyway. .75 So that's all folks...didn't do the math, but I know I have enough $ for lunch today, and maybe even replace some of the gas I used thrifting and drifting up & down the highway on Wednesday. Have a great week *elaine*

Good morning, all...or good evening, whatever time 'o day it may be. Time for installment 2 of Wednesday Wanderings. Didn't think about there being a 2nd, but here 'tis! Now this week my Wed. Wanders actually happened on Tuesday...but this time I didn't just wander the house clicking pics of junk that need dusting. My sweet kitten Snowball..the subject of future posts, had to go to the vet to be spayed. We live in a big, oddly shaped county...look up Lake Co sometime...designed by impaired drivers trying to get away from bird size skeeters!! But I digress, as always. Upshot is that Snowball's new doc is 40 miles away on the other side of the County. Not a hardship...she's worth the one day...yeah, she's worth it. Also...and here's the goodie part, the small town we traveled to has a very large amount of thrifts, that I don't get to visit very often....Yipppeee!! Cut to the chase...drop off sweet kitten @ the doc's...and head out to, shop the thrifts. Fly in the ointment...these thrifts all have banker's hours!!! 9:30...even 10 AM! I've dropped kitty off @ 8:30. Okay, I can deal w/it...I'm starving, I'll hit MickeyD's and grab a croissant. The line of cars in the drivethru is OUT the parking lot...down the street...they may still be in line for all I know. I don't do big drivethru lines...burns my gas & my patience. After checking several other fastfoodies on the same road, I hit the ever popular "Citgo", convenience store that is, for a Starbuck's Mocha Frappucinno, iced is fine, and a pack of Nilla wafers. I'm saving my big $$'s for the thrifts. Dined in the truck, and spent the next 2 hours hitting all I could find, which would be 7. There are more..but after 7, my big guy son ,Chris...oh did I forget to mention he went along for the ride ?...Chris says..."Mom, if you stop at one more thrift shop, I'm walking home. I love you Mom, but I can't take anymore!!" Ok, remember we're 40 miles from home and the temp, in my Blazer, with all windows open, is 96 degrees. So...I can't say have a nice walk, and I won't leave the truck running with the a/c on, so I headed home. Long story short...yeah right, I heard someone say that!! :o}...I spent very tiny cash, met lots of new TS managers & helpers, and found some really cool, neat, new 2 me, junk!! Insert big happy dance! Took friend Steph on the return trip to keep me company...yup had to pick up sweet kitty the same day...her HMO doesn't allow for overnight stays ;o}....and I pointed out all the thrifts, as we drove by them, all closed. Good thing she's my best friend, huh? We're making plans to go back in a couple weeks...let 'em restock, right? Now for the goodies, which you've already seen, cause I can't seem to figure out how to post the pics below my posts. Talkin' Trash...You out there, girl? You told me how to delete the "oops" double pics...any advice on this matter? Got to run..enjoy the goodies, whatever order they may be in!! Have a great week *elaine*


svelteSTUFF said...

Is 'Miss Priss' a chalkware, wall hanging fish? LOVE HER!
Seven thrifts? In one town?! SWEET!

gail@myrepurposedlife said...

cool finds! Makes me want to get out and hit the thrift stores!
I understand about the pics. I am new to this blogging thing, and I'm just trying to figure it out one day at a time.
I upload my pics backwards. They upload very "tight" with no spaces between them. My daughter taught me how to switch to HTML code to move pics, but it still confuses me sometimes.
after uploading them backwards, I try to squeeze my cursor below a picture, and hit enter to separate the pics. If you want more info on the html, let me know!
have a great day!

~~Carol~~ said...

My personal favorite is lightin' up in the hammock! Thanks for the big laugh this morning!

Kudzu said...

Good stuff, I love that photo holder, and I never heard of the cards,either. And that's a great table, by the way~

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Elaine,

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Yes, I think the PINK crochet covered motorcycle would be a hit at the *Prison Break* ministry...LOL They would probably set it on fire!! I don't know what kind of motorcycle it is...but that's a good question. :0)

Have a great day and stop by anytime!

Armchair Housewife said...

Well... a gal after my own heart, miss love2junk! Thank you for stopping by Armchair Housewife and for following, I'm truly blessed to have you along for the ride. And consdier yourself followed right back, I can't wait to see what treasures are next!