Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Wanderings...straight to the heart!

Just realized I missed my Wednesday wanderings, & it's Thursday already. Also realized the pic of little Tigger was almost 2 years old & I haven't "gramma bragged" sweet Ali for quite awhile! This was last Sunday, Ali in her new "bavin suit" that she'll probably outgrow by Saturday. {note to self; buy bigger!} We don't have a pool & the lake's too hot, so Ali was quite happy, for 2 hours!, filling up her little vintage pitcher from the sideyard spigot.
Also washed the rubber ducky in a chippy old enameled tub...cannot get away from my junk!! But this sweet girl thinks it's all "o-tay". Has a little problem with "K" at the moment, which is really cute when she calls our 3 felines...that she calls the I being juvenille? :o}

The whole purpose of filling the little pitcher was so Ali could help Grammpa water the plants....

So cute watching Ali follow Grammpa like a little duckling, while Grammpa decided which plant needed watering! Too cute! Takes so little to make a small child happy...wish I could freeze her at this age for just a little longer...but I cannot. "Fish gotta swim...birds gotta fly"...& little girls grow up too fast! Have a great Thursday! *elaine*


gail@myrepurposedlife said...

very precious pics! No grandbabies for me yet, just a grand-dog. :)
have a great day!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What sweet pictures. I love this time of life with little ones.


Betty said...

She is so precious! I agree with you, wish we could keep them young for awhile longer. I love how they can find the simplest things to keep them happy.

~~Carol~~ said...

Little Ali is a doll! My daughter called it a bavin suit too!
Hey, what happened to Moss Monday? Did I miss that this week?!

Sue said...

Well its Friday here in Australia!
What cute pictures, it brings back memories with my girls bathing their little dollies, and trying to teach them to swim!