Sunday, August 30, 2009


Decided to get the Mossy Monday post up tonight. Had several photos instead of the usual 2. The pic above was altered & "messed around" with on Picnik. Fun site, but I thought I had lost this photo...thrilled when it popped up, right where it should be. {Click to enlarge & check out the cute little tree frog on the column!}
So many layers of moss on this...can you tell what it's growing on?

It's on the crossed trunks of 2 Saw Palmettos in the front yard. They're very rough, & the moss has really covered them this year.

This looks like the surface of another planet...but it's not.. :o} Do you see the cool little fern on the left?

It's the trunk of another Saw Palmetto. This one grew so long & heavy, Joe had to prop it up...with a recycled galvanized pipe. They flower in the spring & then get berries, which folks around here still harvest for $. They use the berries for medicinal purposes...but you gotta pick a LOT of berries to make a buck. Enjoy the greenery, & have a great week. *elaine*


Betty said...

Love your pics, I never realized moss could look so beautiful! I'll be looking at it in a different light from now on. Thanks for sharing these with us, Have a great week.

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Green is such a difficult color to capture and you have gone over the top with these photos. The brilliant shades of green shout. Absolutly lovely photos. Sea Witch

~~Carol~~ said...

Great pictures today! I love moss, and I loooove that birdbath too, and I'll have to try Picnik sometime!

junkdreams said...

Such beautiful mossy pictures....I love moss and even have fake stuff that I couldn't resist buying to fill the house with.