Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Funky Finds for Friday

This has been a week for interesting finds...I didn't find them on Friday, but I missed my Wednesday Wanderings post, hence the new name for this later post. The week has been busy beyond busy, so I'm posting this on Thursday night, instead of Friday. Confused? So am I !!! This was my first find of the week...last Sunday when I was supposed to be grocery shopping, I decided to pop into Lowe's...for just a minute and one quick pickup of tile grout. I always park at the garden center end, just because...:o}...and as I parked, I noticed a big rolling cart filled with these gorgeous Bouganvilla. When I got closer, I realized they were priced @ 2 for $10.00!!! Normally a beauty like this is $25.00! In the middle of the bottom shelf, I spied this HUGE 2 color one that was screaming my name! Had to have it, and as I loaded it into the cart, I thought maybe my friend Steph would like one also. Quick phone call, and I was searching for another one for Steph. Didn't find another 2 color, and no others were this big, but still found her a really nice one. Of course, I decided I needed more potting soil so I could repot this in a huge empty clay pot that was waiting at $44 & change later, I was finally out of Lowe's and on my way to Publix. Needed just a "few" $147 & change later I was finally on my way home...
On Tuesday morning, I discovered the Granddaddy of all fungi growing under the bench in my side yard. Was trying to figure out how to show how ginormous it is, and decided that my "delicate" size 9 Croc would be the perfect scale! ps...the Croc's were another funky find at my favorite thrift shop..$2, never worn, and they came from Disney, complete with "MickeyMinnie" buttons that I had to remove. These retail for $50 @ "MickeyMinnie" world, so that was another good score.

Now, this little stool was truly a find! Was heading into town on Wednesday, driving over the draw bridge that crosses the river, when I suddenly spied, on the very end of the bridge, this cool old stool laying on it's side. By the time I register what it is, I'm past the easy u-turn I drive on to the next one, turn around and drive back to the bridge where I carefully pull over, jump out of my truck, toss the stool in the back and casually drive away while the bridge tender looks at me like I am insane!! Little does he know!!! :o}

Just look at this adorable stool! Worth risking life & limb to rescue? Definitely!! I think if you click on the first pic, you can see the wonderful layers of paint & great chippy finish. It has one cracked rung, possibly from it's leap out of someone's vehicle, but a little Gorilla glue ought to fix that right up.

Last, but not least....someone...can't remember who...had a post about the Martha Stewart goodies that were appearing at Big Lots. I liked her stuff well enough when it debuted @ Michael's, but thought the prices were a bit much. Now they're $2 each or less. Plus they had recently added a ton of scrapbooking stuff, so $24 & change later, I was finally on my way to work...with maybe, almost ,enough $$ for lunch. Now that I'm thinking about this, I think it was Shara @ Monkeybox who passed on this Thanks, Shara, even if I did spend too much!! Oh, and where are the coconut M & M's???? I have searched high & low, can't find 'em, and now I'm craving something I have never even tasted! Argghhh!! So, I guess that's it for the finds for now. I'm one post closer to 100, and am still "home shopping" and looking for the rest of the perfect items for my giveback. This is harder than I thought it would be and I want to make sure I do it right! Time to sleep...I'll be back soon! Have a great Friday, all *elaine*


Betty said...

Wow! Great finds elaine, love it all. hmmmm, now I'm trying to figure out if I can make time to go to big lots tomorrow and check out the goodies.

Have a good friday!

~~Carol~~ said...

I think that stool was definitely worth risking it all! It's perfectly chippy! And thanks so much for the tip about Big Lots. I love the Martha and K&C stuff, but don't like the prices. I know where I'm going after garage saling!
Have a great weekend Elaine!