Monday, September 7, 2009

It's MOSSY Monday!!!

Well, my fearless readers, summer is waning and the raining season is ending {say that 3 times fast!} so the moss in my yard is beginning to fade. Fear not!!! I took lots of pictures in August, so Mossy Monday will have a couple more posts. For some reason, I only had 1 shot of this instead of my usual 2. Under all that moss and the adorable fern is a brick. Have old reclaimed brick edgings around a couple of my plant areas {I hesitate to call them gardens}.
So, can you guess what this shaggy moss is growing on?

You're right!! It's another brick!! In a long line of bricks! Interesting sidebar to these bricks is that I lugged them through the streets of town, during our streetscape several years ago. Whenever they uncovered old brick or other odd stuff, the construction super would walk by our store & holler in the door, "Got some more junk for ya!" It was actually very cool, considering we have salvage guys here that would even have paid for said junk....hmmmm. :o}

Okay...back to the the shape of this piece, and at one time we discovered a small toad living in one of the holes in this. Natural made toad abode!

It is a coquina stone, which is about the only natural stone we have here in Florida. The little girl singing next to the stone is Amy...she has a twin sister to your right that got cut out of the pic, also named Amy. I found these 2 at a moving sale several weeks after my Mom {Amy} passed away, and the people who were having the sale had recently lost their daughter to cancer {also Amy}, so it seemed fitting that I bring them home and name them both Amy. So, that's MOSSY Monday for this Labor Day! There is fodder enough for several more, but in the meantime, it appears that I am getting closer and closer to post number that would mean that the time for my giveback is almost upon us. I've been planning and "home shopping" and have come up with some very interesting items for this giveback. So...nuff said for now, but I believe I'll be back on Wednesday, which will put me one step closer to 100...can you stand the suspense??!!!! One thing I do know for sure...I would like this giveback to be open only to my followers, which is not a shameless plug for more followers, but a way, I think, of keeping this manageable for me. I've seen giveaways that have like ,900 responses, & I know I can't handle that hugeness, kay? I'm off to have morning coffee with hubby...make that morning coffee with no cigarette...I'm trying...thanks for all the great comments, btw. Enjoy the greenery. *elaine*


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow, way cool. Do you live in N. FL. We are in S FL, but I don't see that much moss on the ground. Lots of hanging moss though :-) Thanks for the mossy Monday.


trash talk said...

Love the moss in the shape of the cross (and no, I didn't intend for that to rhyme!).
I think having a giveaway for your followers is an excellent way of saying thank you. After all, they're coming back time and time again and deserve a me! Hint, hint!

Betty said...

Love your moss series. How neat that a toad found a home in one of your moss covered rocks.


love your blog & moss also :) if you have time stop over & say hi :) gio

Shara said...

Hey Elaine- I wnated to thank you for sending The Bean the wonderful birthday card and the cool skull bandana. It was sucha sweet surprise - you didn't have t - but it is so nce that you did! Thank you! I apologize for not emailing - I can't seem to find your email in my address book.