Saturday, September 19, 2009

GIVEBACK's ending...

"My Beach"
Toot...toot...giveback giveaway train is leaving the station! Alll Aa-Booard! No tickets required, but you only have till midnight tonight to leave a comment. "After midnight, we gonna let it all hang'...oops... wrong song! "My bags are packed, I'm ready to"...oops that's leavin on a jet plane. I do not move that fast on a Saturday morning. So go look at the previous post!! Whatever...sales are calling me...gotta run...see you...4 of you any way...sometime on Sunday. Hubby & I are off to the beach...serious high tide, and we may only have enough beach to stick our toes in the water, our "a*#es" in the sand...have you heard that song by the Zach Brown Band? {Too funny} ....but I need some R&R that only "my beach" can give. See ya Sunday *elaine*


Sammy Girl said...

Hope the beach is FAB and REFRESHING! We woke this AM to ..... rain! Hopefully it's over for the weekend, as way TOO much to do for wet interruptions!
Betty :)

~~Carol~~ said...

You lucky girl, getting to go to the beach today! I would love to live near some water, because it's so soothing to just sit there and look at it!
Hope you have a fun day!

Sue said...

I love the beach, it is just the perfect thing for relaxing, and I also love givebacks, so count me in!

Sue said...

Oops! Me again, the 2nd one is cute!But any would be wonderful!