Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrambled Saturday...all over the boards!

Was not going to post today, but woke up at the crack of dawn, and could not get back to sleep! Looked on my photo program & found some pictures that I haven't had a chance to in no order, other than random..Above is "Time in a Bottle"...made this a couple of days after our 35th anniversary, with shells & beach glass & some other odd stuff, and put it all in an old cream bottle I dug out of the mud on our lake. The lake almost got my shoe that day, but I won out! :o} I think if you click to enlarge the picture, you can see the tiny rolled up pics of Joe & I, & 1 of the beach morning glory.
These were a few neat, super cheap items from a partial Estate sale, last weekend. A couple of these items will be going out for MY sale, coming up in October. Actually, now that I look a little closer, the only thing going back out will be the Pyrex butter dish. Already found homes for the rest of the goodies! Cannot wait to see the ad for the remainder of this sale...the lady is so nice, and is taking her time going through the house where her Mother lived for like 40 years. Hard job, that.

Found this odd little wood organizer at a sale 2 or more months ago, and have been tossing really random stuff into it as I clean up my creating space for upcoming creating. Those little bluebirds are no bigger than a jellybean..too cute!

I'm on week forever and seven, or 8 or whatever of still trying to quit these nasty things. Had to stop the patches, they were making me sick to my stomach...can't stand the chewing on a piece of drywall...and the cold turkey keeps biting me in the butt!! For those of you who smoke, or have, you know what I'm talking about. For those who never have, move on to the next pic, or leave a comment telling me what a dumb butt I am to even think about wanting to smoke! Come on...leave a comment...I can take it and maybe it'll help with this newest attempt!

One more close-up of "Time in a Bottle" My husband thought this was too cool and it was a lot of fun to make. I've gotten back into beachcombing this year, when I realized I can still find beach glass, and great shells...and get great exercise, and get tanned....all at the same time! A win-win situation all the way around. So.... I've been to a bunch of sales this week already & hit my favorite thrift shop several times, and all the goodies are still in the back of the Blazer. 3 good sounding sales for this AM, before I get to work, so I guess I'll get this out into blog land, and get ready for early leaving! Have an awesome weekend...*elaine*


Betty said...

Ohhh! I love that time in a bottle idea. That is so neat!! Those little bluebirds are too cute. Hope you have a great weekend and find some great thrifting deals.

junkermidge said...

Your "time in a bottle" is way cool. And so are those heart shaped stones. What's not cool -- THE SMOKING! I can only imagine how difficult quitting is, so I'll be praying for ya. We need to keep your junk skills around for a long, long time.


Keep up with the NO SMOKING!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Love the memories in the romantic :)
Love, Love, Love the tiny bluebirds :) are you going to keep them?!
Back to getting things ready for the garage sale..
Deb :)

trash talk said...

Love the "Time In A Bottle" art piece. Wanna hear something funny? I did a post on time yesterday and added Jim Croce's "Time In A Bottle" to my playlist. Do great minds think alike or what?

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Great finds and designs!! Keep up the NO Smoking ban, I quit in 98 and never went back not even forone, You can do it girl!! Hugs, Janna

Kudzu said...

I love the "Time in a Bottle" craft, a very great idea! Thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

Kudos on trying to quit smoking. My grandfather died of lung cancer many years ago. Hard on him and even harder on my mom, the only daughter available to care for him (grandma had to keep working to get the health insurance). When grandpa died my dad quit smoking. Mom didn't, and has heart disease as a result. Don't do this to the people who love you! Quit now!

Caro @ Thrifty n Curbside Treasures said...

Love the frame in the 2nd pic!!
And how COOL is that time in a bottle?! I gotta steal that idea!!Beachcombing ROCKS

And ok, girl... STOP THOSE NASTY THINGS! Dont even THINK about them! PLEASE!! Cigarettes killed my mom when I was just 17. That's incentive enough for my kids to never smoke :)

(((hugs))) hang in there- i've seen, around me, how hard it is to quit!