Monday, July 27, 2009

Whoops...time for profile update?

Received a couple of comments on my last post, and was wondering why folks thought I had a junk sellin' space. Light dawned...checked out my profile and realized it has't been updated since July 2008. Steph & I had to close our space down in December, sadly. We didn't want to, but our sales were getting worse by the month, and then the owner decided to relocate the shop. She had a nice spot (read high rent$$$) in the heart of downtown;moved back to a spot in the next town on the side of a busy state road where the traffic is horrible! Since we were just barely making the rent, we made the decision to pack it in...literally...pack it in the sheds, pack it in the get the picture. Sooo, until we figure out a new venue...we're stuffed to the rafters. In the meantime, I continue to manage a small sorority/fraternity/t-shirt shop in the same historic small town. I redid the mirror for that shop...I've been there for 17 years, so the owner lets me do just about whatever I want when it comes to display. This summer I'm sneaking in a few junk pieces, and so far she likes them. I'll have to bring my camera with me this week and get some pics of the mirror in it's new temp home, and some of the other stuff I've added. I'm thinking of making up some tags that say "NFS..on loan from the MissElaineous Museum of Crusty, Chippy Junk" Do you think they'll get it?? I have to get ready for work, so I'll try to fix my profile when I get home tonight! Have a great Monday *elaine* was planning on a picture, but can't seem to find my shop file...#**7?!)){ photo program...or is it the operator? Nah!! So no pics today...i'll be back!


Sue said...

Thanks for visiting and reassuring me,it is all a bit overwhelming, kids grow up so fast!
I love the mirror redo!

terri said...

I am so glad you dropped by for a visit. I just had an idea those 'whatsit's' may be to pin on a shirt and hold eyeglasses. I do agree the little lady had time and just crocheted her time away. I have a pitcher and cups of sugar, so you just bring your lemons on over and we can have a chit chat.