Friday, July 10, 2009

Minimum Junk...Maximum Wildflowers!

Front fence gone wild!
Gloriosa lily & Honeysuckle

Pretty isn't it?

Love the colors!

Check out the adorable birthday baby in the old photo! I'm seeing a cute vintage birthday card in the making with this one!

Happy Friday everybody. Once again, I have an unusual day never home on Friday, but my part-time lady can't work tomorrow...this time of year, I'll take what I can get!! Had hoped there would be some good sounding sales in the Pennysaver, but the best sounding one is on Saturday! So, I'm spending the day at home. Did get to one interesting sale on Thursday, but I think I missed most of the good stuff...too late. Managed to find the cute little piece of metal garden fencing...old? Don't know, but I like the patina on it. Also got the 1946 book "Drawing Dogs"...falling apart, but nice little pencil illustrations. As I walked down the driveway, spied the little brown transfer ware plate under some trash...spent a whole 1.60 at this sale. Still had $ to spend :o} so went to my favorite thrift shop. Found this cute red tablecloth for 1.00...too bad I missed the 4th of July with this one...It's so red and picnic-y looking...Oh well, there's always next year! The rest of my pics, as well as my new header, are pictures of my front fence gone wild. We live out in the hubby built this fence years ago, and this year the wild honeysuckle & the gloriosa lilies have taken over! I'm really enjoying the watering, no fertilizing and color every day. My kind of plants!! So, enjoy the colors...check out the macro shot of that lilly...I think I finally figured out that setting on the Canon...I'm amazed at the detail! Have a great weekend! *elaine*


~~Carol~~ said...

I think I can actually smell the honeysuckle! The flowers are looking lovely! Love that tablecloth, because to me it screams PICNIC! I just got back from garage saling. There were alot, and I got alot! I'll be sharing it all on Monday.
Have a great day!

Betty said...

Love the new header. I love honeysuckles too. And the baby picture is awesome. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I really believe the reds and oranges this year are very vibrant in gardens. The strange weather I believe has been kind to them. Usually our oranges are somewhat faded after a week or two. Not this year, they are still holding color very well.

Lovely pictures.

Artsy Fartsy said...

I need to focus less on the junk and more on the yard outside!! Thanks for the inspiration, Blessings, Janna

Sweet Repose said...

The first thing I did when I moved to Florida was buy a botanical book. After buying my trailer in a senior park, I started exploring the plant species that were taking over this abandoned trailer. I asked my Mom if she knew what this vining plant was all over everything...she said,'it's a weed, pull it up'...well, glad I didn't because the most beautiful flowers started to emerge in this Northerners foreign garden...the Gloriosa lily...

Then I discovered two species of jasmine, mimosa, gardenia and even an avocado tree...the wonders the spring brings to a newcomer to this exotic wonderland called I miss living there...someday, a trip see the cypress forests and fields of calladium.