Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Touched by Blogging Angels

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! to all of my newfound blogging friends who took time from their busy lives and left such heartfelt & inspirational comments on my last post. I was feeling so shattered the day I wrote that, but your almost instant responses lifted my spirits more than you can imagine! Prayers, hugs and reassuring words that made me feel so much better! Our crisis is still brewing, but I know I can find the strength that I need to deal with it as it comes my way. It's funny...when I tell people I blog, they look at me a little strangely...and sometimes ask why I would spend my time on the computer talking to folks I've never met, & may never meet, about junk...and life...and more junk, or whatever. I don't really know how to explain it...but I do know one thing for certain. Since I have been blogging, I have "met" some of the most genuine, caring, talented women I have ever had the good fortune of "meeting"! Thank You, Ladies...I'm not naming names...ya'll know who you are.... *elaine*


~~Carol~~ said...

Elaine, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! I know what you mean about some people not taking blogging seriously. Several of my family members think that if you're not on Facebook, you're crazy. I've had a couple of people say "that's nice" when I said that I was blogging. I don't care though, because I'm meeting so many nice people, and learning new things every day in blog world! I hope that I can call you one of my blogging friends!
Take care,

Shara said...

I don't even tell most people about my blog because they look at me like I silly. It's not like I am blogging about Star Tek or my love of rhubarb or I Love Lucy reruns. I have a mission when I blog. And, you are right, the nicest bestest people are our fellow bloggers. YOU are one of the BEST!

trash talk said...

I wish we could come up with another word besides "blog" then maybe our friends and family would understand. This to me is like penpals I had back in the '60s. I never met them either, but there was a connection. They never judged me nor was there ever any competition...it was just a pure friendship based on mutual respect and a kindred spirit.
Speaking of spirits, I'm glad to hear yours are lifted some. There are some wonderful people out there who make our world a little better just by listening.


Hi Elaine,
I agree with ou!! Blogging buddies are the best..No judgement..they just listen...and pray...and care..It's amazing.
Hoping things are getting better for YOU!.
Deb :)

Betty G said...

Hon-You are a doll. And yes, there are the nicest gals to be found in the blogging world. We gals just need to stick together! (((HUGS))) ~Luv~Betty G~

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Hi Elaine!

I completely understand that *need* to blog. Either you get it or you don't, and you definitely "get it." Hugs & hopes that life turns around for you soon.

By the way, I live in a mobile home, too! Mine is pretty big, so we have a laundry area that I call my mud room, but it's really that wonky hallway at the end where the laundry is. I've found that covering the walls in beadboard instantly transforms the inside of a mobile home to look like a real house. A cottage can be whatever you like, it's about a feel, not a floorplan. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one blogging from a house with "wheels under it." {Gotta love the movie Where the Heart Is!}