Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mirror Re*Do

Had several ideas for posts today, but you bloggers have been so busy posting, and I've been so busy reading, I'm running out of Sunday! Went to quite a few yard sales on Friday & Saturday, and found some good stuff, but haven't had time to get pics taken. So, instead, I'll show you my project for today...I had a cute framed mirror I bought awhile ago, that needed some help. Decided to redo it for a prop at the shop where I work. We're going to be carrying more sorority jewelry, as well as sunglasses, and I realized these girls are going to want to see how great they look before buying! This morning I went searching in the shed for the mirror...AArrRggGHHh!!! Wouldn't you know, it was in the VERY back corner, behind at least a ton of stuff! I moved 1/2 a ton and then contorted my poor body over the remaining 1/2 ton, and finally extracted the mirror. Ta Dahhh! After 2 Advil, a rub of BenGay and a wee bit of Khalua in my coffee, I was finally able to clean, paint and even *bling* this little mirror back to life. I added the word PeRfECt ! in rub-on scrapbook letters found at Big Lots for $1. It's hard to see in the picture, but then it's hard to photograph a mirror anyway! I think it turned out pretty well...can hardly wait to see it hanging in the shop tomorrow...not that I'm rushing to get to Monday, mind you! I know the girls will like it...maybe I'll be able to *bling* up a couple more and sell 'em. Of course, that would mean more yard sale-ing...and thrift shopping...and curb picking...I think I can handle that!! :o} I'll be back in a couple days with some of my neat finds, and what I've already done with them. Until then, have a great week. *elaine*



Great idea with the mirror :)
Have you taken pics of your shop that I missed seeing??
I know what you mean about blogging..hours can go by...oops..and then nothing gets done..or I'm up late doing things..
Here's to a Happy Monday!
Deb :)

Midcentury Marilyn said...

Hi Elaine, just read several of your posts. Love the mirror, it so fun to redo old things! I'm jealous of your resale shop and always hanging with your best friend. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Betty said...

What a great redo. Neat idea putting "perfect" on the mirror, and love the touch of flowers too. Look forward to seeing your yard sale finds. Have a great week.

trash talk said...

And it is! Perfect that is!

Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...
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Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...

That is cute as a bug's ear! I love it! I need to redo some mirrors around here. Ree