Friday, July 31, 2009

LAST weekend's finds

Bumper pool balls? Great red & ivory color! 10 cents each. Frames, record book & tea tin...50 cents each. Funky green pencil sharpener for my workbench $1
The balls ended up here, after a good cleaning, in a bowl made by oldest son, nestled among the pinecones.

The 50 cent mirror, before cleaning and adding ribbon...great green color on the record book...another 50 cents...I thought "Journal!" as soon as I saw it. It has lined pages that are alphabetized, missing A & B, but all the rest of the pages have no writing...a fresh blank slate!

Mirror in it's new home, in the company of a great red framed beveled mirror from a trashed train case, and my favorite framed photo of my Grandma Amy as a young woman. Click to enlarge...the dress she's wearing is just amazing.

I am so behind on posting my junk finds, I don't think I'll ever catch up. The sales have been pretty good lately, not awesome, but good. I usually lug the treasures home & stash them in the shed until inspiration hits. But this week a lot of the new finds have found their perfect places in the house or yard almost immediately! We have a new Thrift Shop that just opened last week, and it's been wonderful! I told the manager that I'd probably be there every other day, as it's right on my way to work, and so far that's how often I've stopped. New stuff every day, and true low thrift shop prices. All proceeds benefit a local residential home in town that cares for physically & mentally disabled kids and young adults. Great cause...don't feel quite so guilty when I'm buying another pile of stuff. None of the stuff in the pictures is from the new shop...I'll try to get some pics of those things tomorrow. In the meantime, all of the goodies were from one yard sale and one church sale. The prices were sooo low...less than $5 for all. I love the mirror...old, handcarved and very unique. All I did was give it a bath and add the wired green ribbon to hang by. It seems quite happy in the arrangement on the wall in my "studio". The tall skinny 6 drawer chest came from a sale the week before,$3, and holds all my chipboard letters for scrapbooking. I've been getting so organized lately. Not usually a summer project, but it's just been so hot this summer. A couple hours in the morning is it for me to work outside, and then it's back in the A/C for most of the afternoon, so organizing stuff in my room is almost fun!! eyes are getting tired & I keep making typos, so I'm off to post my pics, and early to bed. Have a great weekend!! *elaine* PS I was thrilled to click on my blog tonight and see that I have 28 followers! I know there are many other blogs that have many more than that, but when I started this blog I didn't have a clue where it would lead, and it's just really gratifying to have all these folks follow my meanderings! Still not sure where I'm going, but the trip is never boring! G'night!


Betty said...

Love your finds,and the picture of your grandma is awesome. It looks perfect with its surroundings.

gail said... are finding lots of stuff at great prices! Our local thrift stores are pretty pricey, for no particular reason. Their stuff isn't that great, but they don't mind pricing it on the high side.
Most of my finds are from our Peddler's Mall, you know the kind of place that rents booths, and you pay a central cashier. Booths are never manned.
I would love to have a booth to sell some of my treasures, but the rent is $120 a month for an 8x10 booth.
have a great weekend, hope the weather is cool for ya!

~~Carol~~ said...

I like those frames, especially the one with the big hinge on it. What's up with that?! It almost looks like it was a little door, set inside a big door. Like at a castle, where they would just open a tiny part of the door, to see who was there. Does that make sense, or did I just sound crazy? Anyway, great finds!

one gal's trash said...

Ooo Oooo! Those balls! That pencil sharpener! That Wedgewood sky! I am so lovin' your blog!

vintagesue said...

love the, love the mirror!! i am so looking forward to finding those new thrift shops up north when we get there!!!
i know....moving is crap, but we have to do what we have to do! it will give me a chance to purge and start collecting again!
good luck w/the new thrift shop finds. love those good ones on the way to work!!! yay